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Where to Buy Cold Pressed Juice


Lifestyle Markets

2950 Douglas St, Victoria

(250) 384-3388

Lifestyle Markets

343 Cook St, Victoria

(250) 381-5450

Elate Cosmetics

18B-26 Bastion Square, Victoria

(844) 748-9331


Red Barn Market

5550 West Saanich Rd, Victoria

(250) 479-8349

Red Barn Market

1933 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria

(250) 592-0424

Red Barn Market – Latoria Walk

611 Brookside Rd, Victoria (Colwood)

(250) 5920-8133

 Fort Royal Pharmacy

1912 Richmond Road, Victoria

(250) 590-3707

Red Barn Market – Esquimalt

1310 Esquimalt Rd, Victoria

(778) 265-0370

Red Barn Market – Mattick’s Farm

5325 Cordova Bay Rd, Victoria

(250) 658-2998

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