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Thank you for choosing the good life.  And, of course, our cleanse.

We're thrilled to be helping you on your health journey.  

We want you to experience the most life-changing and transformative results possible...

And that means you've gotta get down with the prep!



Opting for beer and pizza the night before a cleanse might seem like a good idea, but it definitely won't help the cleansing process.  Instead, taking a few days to eliminate the big offenders - listed below - and prepare for your cleanse by choosing to eat more fresh veggies + healthy fats will help your body adapt quickly and efficiently - making your cleanse easier + more successful.


You won't be eating solid foods for an extended period of time.

So, you'll want to make that transition feel as gentle and easy on the body as possible.





Before you begin, you'll want to reduce your intake of the big offenders.


We're not anti-coffee.  Believe us, we need our cup of joe too! 

Most of us are simply drinking too much coffee (or caffeinated tea) every single day. 

Try to reduce your intake down to 1-2 cups per day before your cleanse.  You'll experience less of those painful headaches that come from caffeine withdrawals.

meat + POULTRY

Now’s a great time to try skipping animal protein for a few days. At the least, try reducing it in the days leading up to your cleanse.   

Choose leafy greens filled with clean protein (like spinach or kale), tofu, lentils, chickpeas, beans and protein powder in your smoothies. Need some dinner ideas? Head to our blog for lots of fantastic plant based recipes.


Oh, how we love our wine!

We recommend cutting alcohol out completely in the days leading up to your cleanse.

If you must though... 

Choose a glass of organic red wine and save that indulgent night out with friends for after your cleanse is complete.


Swap out regular cow's milk for a protein-enriched substitute in the form of almond or hemp milk and choose gluten-free options when it comes to breads and grains.

Limit your intake of gluten and dairy the week before you cleanse.

We promise you'll feel lighter much faster once you start drinking our juices!

You might have a crazy big addiCtion to sugar.

And that's okay.  It happens.

It's important not to beat yourself up.  Start where you are and go easy on yourself. 

Cutting out negative stress and emotions can be hugely beneficial to feeling new and strong both during and after your cleanse.  We encourage you to make this journey just as much about nourishing your soul as it is about nourishing your body.

Find a few sweet + satisfying alternatives to processed sugar to have on hand as you wean yourself off sugar. A few dates with peanut butter are a crowd favourite! If you increase your healthy fats, typically your sugar cravings will quickly go down.

Eat more Fat!

It’s time to go totally NUTS, for Healthy, Feel Good FATS!

Nut butters, nuts, seeds, avocados and coconut oil are your new BFF’s. They reduce sugar cravings, help you feel full, and are incredibly healthy - especially for brain health. As you reduce your intake of sugar, refined carbohydrates and animal protein, increase healthy fats + veggies!



Eliminate the weight in your life and introduce good habits.  Consider the following options.


Start each day with a glass of water.

Consume one glass of water with each juice you drink while you're cleansing.  Drink lemon water in between your juices.  The more water you drink - the better!

Drinking lots of water will greatly aid in the body's elimination process.


Getting a good sweat on will help your body rid itself of toxins.

We're not necessarily talking about exercise though, because you'll want to get some rest.  Enjoy a gentle hot yoga class, a long steam shower or visit your local sauna.  A good bath with magnesium salt will do the trick too!


Get rid of the weight in your life. 

During your cleanse, take the opportunity and down time to clean and organize your home.  Wash your bed sheets, get rid of extra junk and finish your cleanse with a clean slate.

Eliminate as much stress in your life as possible while you cleanse.


Don't overdo it while you're cleansing.  Let your body rest and recover and get as much sleep as possible.

If you meditate regularly - keep it up! 

If you're just starting out, try five minutes everyday and attempt to build on your new practice.

be kind to yourself.

Cleansing is about health + self-care, not vanity.  We want you to feel good.

Take some time to reflect on your habits, cut out the noise and regain a sense of clarity when it comes to your health.

Plan to nourish your mind + spirit while we take care of nourishing you body. Not only will you experience better results, you’ll be reminded how good it feels when you slow down, tune in, and be GOOD to YOURSELF!

We're here to help.  If you have any questions or concerns during your cleanse, please contact us.