This is not your average granola!

It’s highly addictive.  We have trouble keeping our fingers out of the bag!  Packed with superfoods and a slew of whole, natural ingredients, we KNOW you're gonna love it.

We make our own almond butter - fresh for each batch of granola - to sweeten this gorgeous recipe to just the right level.  

We also use the pulp from our top selling green juice - Supa Greens.  Don’t be surprised to find bits of kale and spinach lurking behind the nut clusters.

We take the time to dehydrate our granola overnight as opposed to baking it, because we want to maintain all the nutrients your gorgeous body deserves.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - rolled oats / juice pulp - apple / pear / spinach / kale / spirulina - unsweetened shredded coconut / almonds / almond butter / honey hemp hearts / goji berries / sunflower seeds / coconut oil  / vanilla / cinnamon / spirulina / sea salt

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