Charcoal Powder

Charcoal Powder


Charcoal is literally a digestive saviour!

It is very trendy right now for good reason.

It will ease tension and stress on your body's all important digestive system - helping to relieve gas and bloating as well as those inconvenient and often embarrassing digestive upsets.

If you're hungover (we've all been there) this deep dark potion will help re-balance your system by providing some much needed detoxification.  Charcoal is activated to create a large, negatively charged surface area which will literally pull toxins and chemicals from the body. 


Our favourite daily detox tonic is charcoal lemon-aid

Add it to your cart or mix your own by combining 1/4 tsp of activated charcoal into a large glass of water with fresh lemon juice and a touch of maple syrup.

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