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Good Life Juice was born out of the idea that if you can experience the vibrancy and energy that comes from drinking cold-pressed juice, and have it be convenient to get, you will strive towards a higher state of living.

We believe there is no magic bullet when it comes to your health, but eating a balanced plant based diet with lots of fresh organic juice comes pretty darn close.

Our juices are organic and we source wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible. We purposefully make our  products as potent and nutrient dense as possible with enough variety to keep everybody happy. The path to a more plant based diet will be a shorter one if there’s a good road map, and delicious juices along the way.  It’s not a revolutionary concept, but GLJ’s founders set out to develop a line of juices and to create a brand that is synonymous with great tasting juice, incredible nutrition, and the knowledge and inspiration to make a change.


Andrea Dershin

Andrea is the enthusiastic girl boss behind Good Life and is jazzed whenever she gets to geek out on health and nutrition.  Andrea is the visionary of the company, loves writing blog posts, collaborating, developing new recipes, and helping people in her community.  She juggles being a mama and business owner with lots of exercise, yoga, green juice, plant foods, meditation and being silly with her family

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Gabe Dershin

Hands-down, Gabe is GLJ’s most resourceful and multi-talented tribe member. On any given day  he can be found fixing, building, sourcing, buying, graphically designing, updating the website, and let’s not forget -making a lot of juice! Hailing from NYC, he is a 2nd generation native New Yorker, raised in Queens by loving, musical, hippie, vegan parents.

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Ryan Gabel

Ryan is the Master Juicer of team GLJ. Leading the kitchen day in and day out to juicy glory.  He leads the HR team and can often be found enthusiastically planning scheming how to make something great even better. Ryan is “the brother” and not “the husband” in Good Life trifecta,  and like Andrea, grew up with a love for the outdoors. He spends his time off hiking, caving, and exploring the wilderness.

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The idea for Good Life Juice blossomed while husband and wife duo, Andrea + Gabe were living in Gabe’s hometown of New York City. Both self-employed, Gabe as a music producer and DJ, and Andrea as a yoga teacher & wellness coach, they were raising their 2 little boys and living the hustle/hustle lifestyle  that goes along with NYC. Andrea had recently received her certification in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University, was living the Yogic lifestyle, eating a highly raw, vegan diet and drinking green juice like it was going out of fashion! She was soaring high on life (and juice!) and began working as a wellness coach – helping others move along their path to a more plant-based diet and sustainable lifestyle.  Experiencing first-hand the transformational effects this lifestyle had on her body, mind & spirit and and seeing her client’s tastebuds and cravings change each week, Andrea knew she wanted to bring her knowledge and enthusiasm to her hometown of Nanaimo, B.C. The family was ready for a change. Mother Nature and a slower-pace of life was calling their name.  They picked up their first Norwalk juicer, started playing around with recipes and mapping our their website.  After a move back to Vancouver Island, and few crazy months of getting settled, they set up shop, and GLJ was born.



We are here to support Vancouver Islanders on their quest for living the Good Life.  Although we ship across B.C. & Alberta, our primary focus is on Vancouver Island. We deliver to island homes and offices 5 days per week and are available at 20 retailers (and climbing!) across the Island. Bringing the Good Life to you, we deliver delicious and nutritious juices + cleanse programs right to your door, and are always available to chat nutrition, do health consultations, or just talk about the weather (as that seems to be a favorite in these parts:)

We love helping people discover the transformative power of cold-pressed juices and plant-based nutrition and relish in converting every skeptic with one of our tasty green juices.

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