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Good Life Loyalty Program

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We want to reward you for living the Good Life! No cards, no apps, just juicy points and rewards. Create your profile on-line and start collecting points for every juice, nut milk, wellness shot, and tonic purchased online. Earn 1 Good Point for every dollar spent.  Move up to the Gold level as you collect more Good Points, unlocking exclusive benefits and rewards.

Good Life Member

To become a Good Life Member, sign up for Good Points by creating a profile on line and receive:

  • A free juice on your birthday.
  • A free juice for every 150 points earned.
  • Exclusive offers and promotions.

Good Life Gold

Earn 1000 points to become a Good Life Gold Member and receive:

  • A free juice and wellness shot on your birthday.
  • A free juice for every 125 points earned.
  • 50% off one 1 day cleanse per year.
  • Exclusive offers and promotions.

Simply create a user profile if you don’t already have one by Clicking Here or via the My Account tab located in the footer



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