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  Why Choose Good Life Juice?

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We are a locally owned and family run business that loves being a part of the tremendous Vancouver Island community. We will always make time for any Islander looking for help in their health + wellness journey.

We understand that everyone is different and that everyone’s needs vary. Whether you are juice cleansing as a healing tool for illness and disease, or just looking to lose a few pounds – we can help!  We have designed not only juice cleanses, but preparation periods to suit your individual needs.  And don’t ever hesitate to pick up the phone or send us an email.  Over 70% of our orders are for custom cleanses; designed specifically to help that individual have a successful and enjoyable experience. We are going to nourish every cell in your body with high-vitality juices while encouraging you to deeply nourish your mind, body and spirit.   If you can make a Juice Cleanse an opportunity to turn up the self-care, the experience can be absolutely life changing.

Cleansing aside, we understand there is a ton of information out there that come sometimes make transitioning into a more plant based diet a little overwhelming. We want to help make it easier! From recipes and wellness tips on our blog, nutritionists to answer questions, and organic cold pressed juice to shift your taste buds and give you energy, we’ve got your back!


At Good Life Juice we believe there is no magic bullet when it comes to your health. But quite possibly, the closest thing you can find, is eating a balanced plant based diet with lots of fresh organic juice. Our tag line is: The Gateway to Higher Living. For us, living the high life is one full of joy, gratitude and the clean energy you get from fueling your body with high vitality foods. We believe that when you choose foods based on vitality and not vanity you’ll open the gates to higher living.

Our juices are organic and we source wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible. We purposefully make our  products as potent and nutrient dense as possible while ensuring we offer a delicious variety to keep everybody happy.


You can look forward to every sip of our cold-pressed juices! Our 100% RAW cold-pressed juices are nothing short of delicious, refreshing and satisfying. One of the main reasons people find juice cleanses challenging is that the juices just don’t taste great. At Good Life Juice, however, we believe that a cleanse will never be considered effective if you are not “smiling while sipping” your cold-pressed juice.


At Good Life Juice, it’s all about maximum nutrients and fullest flavor with minimum caloric intake. We pack your cold-pressed juices with a variety of nutrient-dense wholesome ingredients. In fact, over 40 pounds of produce go into a 3 day juice cleanse – that is more fruits and veggies than you could ever humanly consume during that same time period. Each particular fruit, vegetable, nut or spice was chosen specifically for its nutritional benefits and then expertly combined to create the best tasting cold-pressed juices and most efficient cleanses. Check out the nutrient content of our Classic Detox Cleanse.


Our cold-pressed juices are 100% RAW, fresh and never heated or processed. Heating and pasteurizing kills life-giving enzymes and nutrients. Drinking raw, cold-pressed juice means you are consuming something LIVE – live with vital energy and live with healing power. The power of live foods is simply transformational.


We are proud to be using the Good Nature X-1 Juicer and the Norwalk Juicer.   Invented by the legendary Dr. Norman Walker, nothing compares to it when it comes to maintaining maximum enzymes and nutrient content while producing superior flavor.


Don’t worry, we are not going to throw you into the deep end! We will help you sufficiently prepare before you start your juice cleanse. This is key because without a sufficient prep period, headaches, nausea and the general feeling of “this @#$!% sucks!” could possibly result. Personally, we prefer more of an “I am a glorious, soaring invincible warrior” type mantra. We firmly believe in “cleaning house” before your cleanse by weaning yourself off a few toxins and making some healthier changes to your current diet. We consider ourselves NOT just a cold-press juice/cleanse company, but also a resource guide for helping you transition into a more long-term, plant-based diet, whether it be via a teeny step or a giant leap. Want to learn more about nutrition? For a sneak peak on how to prepare, check out how it works. Still wondering, why cleanse? Check out all the amazing benefits.

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