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GLJ Nutrition Philosophy

     Times are changing. The research is done, the facts are in. Medical minds changed, lives  transformed – eating a plant-based diet and drinking fresh, raw, fruit & vegetable juices is the gateway to optimal health and vitality.  Forget the fad diets – get over the protein obsessions – ditch the low-fat/no-fat/no-carb, fake food/count-your-calorie-diets. Those diets are not sustainable.  We are not talking about a diet, we’re talking about a lifestyle. It’s the lifestyle that nature intended– the lifestyle that creates real lasting health and happiness. This lifestyle works from the inside out to create a slim, trim, strong and healthy physique while maintaining a radiant glow and boundless amounts of energy.

     People got sidetracked by convenience and walked away from the concept of REAL FOOD ever since the post-WWII era ushered in a world of toxic, chemically-latent convenience foods. But a lot of us have woken up, eaten our vegetables, drank our green juice and discovered how eating a wholesome nutritious diet can change more than just our physique.  It’s a lifestyle that is sustainable for the planet, non-harming and makes you feel pretty friggin’ awesome.   And don’t just take our word for it, see what the experts are saying.  Start with some great documentaries. Maybe read a few articles. Who knows, you might even pick up a new book.  Each time you read or watch something that resonates with you, you embody a bit more of the message and a shift in your daily routine will ensue. It might be tiny at first, but its all good, you are headed in the right direction.

     If our philosophy on nutrition isn’t working for you, and you think we are all grass-eating, tree-hugging health nuts, we’re not worried. It takes more than that to hurt our feelings.  Drink some juice. Ask us some questions. Do a cleanse. Then come back, read a little more, drink a little more juice . . . the Good Life is waiting.


     Just think about it… What is it that you think makes your skin and hair dull or shiny or your muscles recover fast or slow or even what makes your waist line big or small? What makes you susceptible to illness? We’ll tell you what it’s about – it’s all about what you put into your mouth. Food & drink. You put something into your mouth and then the complicated, yet amazing systems of the body break it down and decide what to do with it. The efficiency and effectiveness of that process is contingent on what you are putting into your body. The bottom line is always the same: put crap in, look & feel crappy. Put good stuff in, look & feel great.

     It starts on a cellular level. Every part of your body is constantly regenerating. Your skin regenerates every 21-28 days and your blood every 4-6 weeks. Give yourself 7 full years and every cell in your entire body will be fully regenerated. Your food is the fuel that your body uses to regenerate these cells. When the fuel you put into your body is in the form of processed food with chemical additives or in the form of fatty foods, animal products, sugary treats, artificial sweeteners, and refined carbohydrates, then your body is starved for nutrients and if by chance there are any marginal nutrients in there, your body is unable to effectively process them. We also begin to store a build-up of chemical waste from processed foods and chemically tainted meats/dairy/eggs and veggies.

     The sugars are also a problem in our processed foods as they destroy beneficial flora in your gut and contribute to a weakened immunity system and weakened metabolic processes. This weakness results in sluggish digestion, sluggish excrement and sluggish nervous system and brain responses. So you could say that you might be feeling, well… sluggish.

     The refined sugars also result in boosts of glucose levels and insulin levels in the body leading to increased fat storage.  So now you are feeling sluggish and fat! Your arteries become clogged with cholesterol and plaque builds up. Undigested particles of meat adhere to the intestinal lining and are left to rot. Ultimately you end up with a backup of metabolic waste that is in essence, rotting away your insides while leading you down a long, tiresome, and unhealthy path towards obesity and disease.

     Certain functions in your body don’t respond to crappy “fuel” at all – call them picky eaters – they are holding out for the good stuff – vitamins, minerals, oxygen, live enzymes, good bacteria/flora and other phyto-nutrients that can only be found in real, whole, uncooked natural foods. If they don’t get it, they won’t regenerate new healthy cells. In essence, by feeding yourself crap, you are essentially starving yourself – not from any lack of food, but from a lack of pure nutrition. The good news is that you can change the course of these degenerating cells and give them new life! If you put in whole, plant-based foods, and drink fresh, cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, your body can begin to repair, rather than further destroy itself.

     You are the sum total of the foods you have put into your body.  You have the opportunity to change the equation. The choice to choose live, raw and unpasteurised foods & juices over cooked, processed and powdered ones is like choosing life over death. It’s a wise choice if you are truly interested in living and living well!

Benefits of drinking cold-pressed juice.


     Raw, whole, plant foods, in their natural state, are some of the most nutritious and healing foods on the planet. If you focus on eating more raw fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and grains, your overall health and appearance will dramatically improve.

     Did you know that food cooked above 118 degrees F kills all the natural enzymes and most of the nutrients? That’s the same temperature that makes something too hot for a human to touch. Possibly, the laws of nature are trying to tell us something! But don’t worry, we are NOT just advocating eating ONLY raw foods, we are teaching the importance of incorporating some beneficial raw foods into your busy lifestyle. It’s not an all or nothing diet. It’s about baby steps to achieve optimal health and by eating plenty of fresh, raw fruits and veggies every day and drinking raw fruit and vegetable juice packed with live enzymes, you are on your way to a new and improved you!

     As a complete source of live food enzymes, raw foods are rich in viable nutrients, packed with beneficial fiber, and contain all the amino acids (protein) you need to build muscle tone.  It is one-stop shopping for radiant health! You don’t have to worry about saturated fats, chemical additives, cholesterol, refined sugar, or any other crap that comes from processed foods, meat & dairy, refined carbohydrates or sweets.  It is simple and complete nutrition.

     Life requires energy. Plants get their energy from the sun. We get our energy from plants. Enzymes represent the vital energy force in plants, and they also represent the vital energy force in your body. You cannot artificially reproduce an enzyme in a lab. Enzymes are a unique life force that are contained within every cell of your body.

     The power of enzyme energy is immense! It is the life force you need to breathe, blink, think, dance and power the body in every way possible

     There are three different types of enzymes – metabolic, digestive and food enzymes. Your body naturally produces 2 of these – metabolic and digestive enzymes. The metabolic enzymes keep the processes of the body functioning properly and they regulate every biochemical reaction that occurs in your body – we’re talking brain, nervous system, digestion, excretory, immunity, circulatory, etc… Digestive enzymes, on the other hand, break down all the food you eat on a regular basis, turning the food into energy that can be used for various biological processes. These two enzymes work in tandem to keep the body healthy.

     The third enzyme – food enzymes – are found in the form of raw foods. The live enzymes help to boost your metabolic rate because they help the metabolic enzymes do their job which is to process any decomposing food already in the colon and/or any new foods being ingested. This makes you doubly efficient in processing your food and increases your chances of losing weight.

     The food enzymes also support the metabolic enzymes in maintaining the metabolic processes of the body mentioned above. They also support the good bacteria in your gut which is critical in preventing a loss of intestinal flora. Sugars and other acidities really take their toll on the intestinal flora and put us in jeopardy of disease. In essence, we need a good balance of healthy flora in our gut, not just for maintaining healthy digestion, but also for maintaining a healthy immunity system.

     When you drink a raw cold pressed juice, it’s like you are refueling your metabolic and digestive systems with supreme – top of the line – can’t get anything better – totally energy-efficient fuel.  This is why when you drink juice every day, or complete a raw juice cleanse, your energy levels soar.  Contrary to popular belief, energy shouldn’t come from caffeine, it should come from the stockpile of live food enzymes you have built up eating and drinking raw foods.


     Contrary to what you might have been told, nature intended man to eat a plant-based diet. Regardless of what people have gotten up to since the dawn of time, their original design remains the same. The human body has evolved to digest lots of local fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds indigenous to the area around them – not processed foods, refined carbohydrates and truckloads of animal products.

     Like any performance machine – give it the fuel it was designed to run on as well as some solid regular maintenance, and it should run smoothly over the duration of its intended life span. Put diesel in a gas-powered car and not only will the engine not start, but you will destroy the engine completely. Put gas in the Delorean, and no surprise, you won’t be going Back to the Future any time soon. So when it comes to your body, it’s the same thing – you need to give your body the fuel it was designed to run on.

     Humans seem to be the only species playing with fire these days and throwing the wrong types of fuel into the flame of their bodies. When you look at animals in the wild, it is survival of the fittest. Think about it, how many pudgy, pre-maturely aging gorillas have you seem eating McDonald’s on the Discovery Chanel? Obviously they have put down their Gameboys in favor of climbing trees. Now, how does a gorilla grow to become one of the strongest and most powerful mammals on the planet? A gorilla fuels its body with that of its natural design – a primarily plant-based diet of bamboo shoots and stems with lots of fruit. Did you know that gorillas are one of human’s closest living relatives? Their DNA is 95% the same as ours. Their teeth and digestive track are pretty similar to ours. Research the teeth and digestive system of any mammal that is primarily an herbivore and you will find glaring similarities to our own. The only difference being, they are not suffering from illness, disease, depression, anxiety, and obesity.


     Whole plant foods like nuts, seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables are packed with fiber. Fiber ONLY naturally occurs in plant foods. Fiber makes you feel full and reduces cravings. It regulates your blood sugar levels and regulates mood swings. Fiber is also the best house cleaner your digestive system could ever hire. It sweeps through your intestines and colon acting like a magnetic broom collecting and sweeping the toxic waste and sludge left behind from eating excess saturated fats/oils, processed foods, refined carbohydrates and sugars, meat, and dairy. This coating of toxic sludge (referred to as ama in the Indian tradition of Ayurveda) gets thicker and thicker over a period of time. It gets more and more difficult for nutrients to be absorbed into your blood stream and for digested food to pass through the shrinking passage of your colon. These blockages create constipation which gives rise to a lack of energy from nutrient depletion, bloating, weight gain, and eventually chronic disease. Eating lots of fibrous plant foods prior to your juice cleanse will help clear the passages so that the juices get in and do some deep down serious cleansing.


     There are websites, apps and point programs for counting those little suckers. Every packaged food we consume must have them clearly labeled. They are even showing up on restaurant menus – “CALORIES”– arrgghhhh, run for your life!  If you are still counting or attempting to count calories to loose weight, just stop it now – liberate yourself from that unnecessary and tiresome burden.  Counting calories doesn’t heal you or give you a gorgeous glow or even increase your energy levels, but eating real food, (mostly plants) WILL heal you. So forget the math, focus on eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds rather than eating processed foods and you will be healthier and hotter than even the most diligent calorie-counter.


     Over 80% of all processed foods contain chemicals. Obviously your body was not designed to process chemicals, but unfortunately most people don’t think twice about it. As a result of eating processed foods, we get a strong chemical toxic build up in the body that creates serious health issues.

     Processed foods are foods that are “denatured” from their natural state. A good indicator for refraining from eating something is if the ingredient list is a paragraph long citing lots of chemically-sounding ingredients. Too often these days, people mistaken “packaged health foods” as superior to typically processed foods. Let me tell you that they are both equally toxic. Most of us have tried them in some capacity. They tend to be in the form of meal replacement bars or other diet powdered protein shakes. They may even be sneakily labeled as a “cleanse” but one which requires you to take pills and powders to get clean. A product may be labeled as “natural,” and its ingredients might even have marginal health benefits, but with all the chemical processing, you have to ask yourself, what is the effect of combining these ingredients on your long-term health? The real question is – who is supporting or shall I say endorsing these products? Are they highly acclaimed medical professionals, nutritionists and scientists OR a few good looking, well spoken, and highly compensated actors . . ? Oops, we meant to say doctors!! Save yourself some headaches. Skip the powders and step away from the protein bars. YOU NEED TO EAT REAL FOOD!


     The truth is, sugar is NOT so sweet. In fact, it is a very serious drug – a deliciously enticing, easily obtainable and highly addictive drug. The more you eat it, the more your taste buds need something even sweeter to satisfy the craving you’ve created. Sugar tastes good to your palette and it gives you a sense of mind-numbing pleasure as you eat it.  This is because it triggers a natural chemical process in the brain via dopamine and opiod signals that cause you to feel high, happy and nurtured. This is why we crave sugary treats when we are stressed, overwhelmed, sad or depressed.

     If you are invested in eating processed foods, you can forget kicking your sugar habit any time soon.  Roughly 80% of all processed foods contain this lethal ingredient. We are talking about yogurt, fruit juice from concentrate, pasta sauces, dips, canned soups, ketchup, salad dressings, granola bars, cereal, muffins, crackers and not to mention the more obvious sweets and treats. If something is labeled “low fat,” be especially wary. Take out the fat and it might not taste as good – so add in some sugar, and you’ve got a great tasting, highly addictive product.

     And here’s the thing – your body can only handle so much sugar and then above that, it starts converting it to fat. Our liver stores up extra sugar as glycogen so that it can send it your way when you need that extra bit of energy to get you through the day. But when you eat too much sugar, the liver can’t keep up, so it puts it into storage to make more space (and yes, that would be a type of fat storage!). Not only is the liver converting sugar to fat, but too much sugar is preventing the liver from processing insulin properly and that puts you at a greater risk of type-2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Sugar is a leading cause of premature aging and it has also been found responsible for contributing to today’s epidemic proportion of overweight and obese children and adults.


     Carbs – are they good or bad?  They’re both. Good carbohydrates (complex carbohydrates) are full of fiber which keep you feeling full longer. They are absorbed slowly into your blood stream avoiding spikes in your blood sugar levels which help to stabilize your insulin levels whereby helping to minimize weight gain. They are also full of vital vitamins and minerals. Sources of good carbs are plant foods – fruits, veggies, beans and whole grains. So any diet trend that says “carbs are bad” are advocating not eating plant foods.

     Bad carbs, on the other hand, are the refined carbohydrates (simple carbohydrates). Among them are white pasta, bread, pizza, pancakes, waffles, muffins, pastries, bagels, breakfast cereals, crackers, cookies and other snack foods made with white/wheat flour. It is important to note that processing grains like rice and wheat to make them white means stripping away their fiber and nutrient content. It may help to think of a bowl of white rice as simply a bowl of white sugar as far as your body is concerned. Refined carbohydrates are quickly digested into simple sugars and cause blood sugar and insulin levels to spike and then quickly crash. This causes mood swings, drains your energy, increases inflammation in your body and makes you gain weight.

     Ever meet a chubby vegetarian? We call them “junk food vegetarians” and chances are they have replaced the meat in their diet with eating more pasta, bread, pizza and wraps – all hidden sources of sugar.  The increase in consumption of refined carbohydrates has also led to the issue of gluten intolerance and celiac disease in recent years. It is time to get educated on the real dangers of eating sugar in all its hidden forms.  Check out the nutrient information in our Classic Detox Cleanse.


     Going against the laws of nature yield dire implications on the human body. Just an example, infant mammals drink their mother’s milk for only a very short period of time. But as humans, we are the only mammal that continues to drink milk, and more specifically the milk of another species, way past childhood. A mother’s milk, human or animal, is perfect and complete nutrition for her offspring. It is able to support the intense growth cycle of her baby. Let’s say a human baby typically weighs around 7 lbs at birth, and at 1-yr, when they are weaned from their mother’s milk, they might weigh in at around 28 lbs. A calf on the other hand, grows from an average 80 lbs at birth to a whopping 800 lbs by their first birthday. That’s a growth cycle of 300% for humans and 900% for cows – not really a rate of growth most adults should be seeking.

     Whether it is our own mother’s milk, or that of a cow’s, the laws of nature did not include drinking milk past infancy. Did you know that our bodies actually stop producing the specific enzyme we need to break down lactose (the sugar in milk) when we are children? Unfortunately, we lack the required digestive enzymes to process dairy and as result our digestive system becomes severely irritated and inflamed. In direct response and defense against this irritant, our body produces mucus to protect itself. Now, if we eat a lot of mucus-forming dairy products, it starts to thicken on the walls of our intestines and acts like super-glue, trapping toxins as they pass through. The mucus builds from a thin and clear film to a more thick and pasty white-gelatinous layer. As the mucus continues to thicken, the circumference of your intestines is greatly reduced and the passage of digested food becomes restricted. The mucus will then harden, making it nearly impossible for nutrients to pass from digested food through the walls of your intestines into your blood stream. Where does that leave you? Constipated and malnourished – not a great combo for vibrant health.

     Dairy is fattening, constipating and mucus-forming. Cows are pumped full of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides which are then passed directly onto you when you add it to your cheerios or morning cup of coffee. Also, their udders are routinely inflamed leading to infection. This infection is then passed directly through into the animal’s milk. Then the milk is pasteurized to kill off the bacteria. Albeit good for getting rid of bacteria, high heat pasteurization also destroys most of the vitamins and enzymes so any vitamins present in the milk you buy at the store has had to be manually added back to the milk. Organic milk may save you consuming antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones, but unfortunately the inflammatory property of milk (mucus and congestion forming) remains the same, whether it be organic or not.

     Dairy is BIG business. There is a lot of money to be made and a lot of power being wielded behind it. These powers are working very hard to keep the dangerous truth behind milk well hidden. There is also big advertising money (from federal sources – oooh, did we say that?) behind the positioning of milk as “complete nutrition for the body”.

     It is not just the lactose (milk sugar) that is causing nutritional issues these days, the protein in cow’s milk, casein, is equally dangerous. There are thousands of studies disclosing the dangers of dairy to your health these days. In particular, the research findings of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Professor of the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University and his team have proved hugely enlightening and empowering. The body of Dr. Campbell’s research is reflected in his book, The China Study. Dr. Campbell’s research was widely supported and funded by the National Institute of Health, The American Cancer Society, and the American Institute for Cancer Research. I received my certification in Plant-Based Nutrition via eCornall and the T.Colin Campbell foundation, and can attest that his incredible work is changing how thousands, and soon millions of people are viewing nutrition.

     The China Study is the largest, most comprehensive study of human nutrition ever conducted. It examines the relationship between eating animal products and its direct effect on the human body via heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The study concludes that eating a plant based diet, low in processed foods and refined carbohydrates can reduce or reverse the development of these diseases. By exposing groups of rats to the carcinogen afloxin, researchers discovered that you can actually turn the growth of cancer cells on and off by raising or lowering the dose of casein (the protein found in dairy). What does this mean for you? What you eat is more important for controlling the incidence of cancer than genetics or even your exposure to carcinogens. Casein increases the rate at which cancer cells divide. That means cancer spreads and tumors grow at a much faster rate. Have we gotten you attention yet? Now go and see what the experts are saying.


     Drink it every day. Make it, buy it, freeze it, just get it into your body! Do a juice cleanse as often as you can. It’s all about consistency. Develop a healthy routine – drink a green juice every day and watch your taste buds and cravings change. This is the key to living the good life! This is why drinking cold pressed juice is the gateway to cleaner living. You feel so friggin’ amazing, you just can’t stop. Your energy is so pure and clean, you just naturally want more.  It’s a domino effect. Changes to your diet and lifestyle start to happen naturally – without effort. It will surprise you. Your outlook on food changes and hell, your outlook on life changes! So drink Juice. And then drink MORE Juice and watch your body and your life change right before your eyes.


The above is founder Andrea Dershin’s philosophy on nutrition.  Her statement’s have not been verified by Health Canada.

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