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Whether you’re a master juicer, or a total newbie, we want to help make this juice cleanse a success.   We understand that every body is different, so use the tips and time frame that work for you, leave the rest, and make it happen!

     In order for a juice cleanse to be more effective and truly enjoyable, we encourage you to adequately prepare the body to be cleansed. We firmly believe in “cleaning house” before your cleanse by weaning yourself off those yummy indulgences and unhealthy toxins.  This makes the body much more amenable to the healing power of the juices and will make your cleansing experience much more enjoyable. Plus, giving yourself a longer break from foods that are not helping you thrive, will in turn help you thrive!

It’s not a make or break if you decide to jump right in. Many people chose to skip the prep period – especially if they already have a fairly clean diet. Spending even a day or two switching things up can make a big difference.  If you consume pizza and beer the night before, you are not going to be feeling fabulous on day 1!  We have given you some guidance in our 3 Days to Prep section. Don’t stress it, do your best, and remember – you’re not just prepping the body, but allowing for a smoother transition and more enjoyable experience.

Do you consume a lot of meat and dairy, processed foods, refined carbs, sugar, or alcohol?
Are you looking to make a drastic change to your diet, lose a lot of weight, or really pull out the big guns of healthy eating?
If so, we suggest you do a longer prep period. Reason being, that you can experience some incredible results just by following our clean, plant-based way of eating outlined in the Total Cleansing Guide. If you can follow it for 7-10 you will notice results before you even start your cleanse! Add on a few days of juice and it will take your results to the next level!

Extending your preparation period from 3 days to 10 will help make those tools we give you part of your everyday routine after the cleanse as well.   You will almost certainly lose a few extra pounds, learn how to transition into a more plant-based diet, help fight disease, and allow your body to cleanse on a much deeper level.  Plus, learning to listen to your body’s unique needs is so much easier once you take a break from the foods that can mix up those signals.  And the great news is we aren’t trying to sell you on a single darn thing – other than taking care of your body, mind and spirit!  By following our free Total Cleansing Guide for 7-10 days you will most certainly feel lighter, gain energy, and pick up some life changing healthy habits.

     We are giving you a sneak peek with our 3 Days to Prep section, but you’ll get much more info and valuable tools in the Total Cleansing Guide you receive when you sign up for your Juice Cleanse.


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     Giving yourself 10 days is like bringing out the big guns of cleanse prepping. Once you sign up, we will send you a Total Cleansing Guide which includes a plan for Wean Week; how to wean yourself off of certain foods, and how to incorporate more wholesome foods. You follow that up with 3 days of completely eliminating the big offenders (those items you are cutting out in the 3 Days to Prep), and you will be totally stoked to start your cleanse. Plus, by extending your prep period you’ve allowed the cleansing to begin before you take your first sip on morning 1.


     Upon rising, immediately drink a tall 16 oz. glass of water. Follow that with hot water with lemon. Hot water with lemon is cleansing, hydrating, and alkalizing. When you are ready, you will enjoy the first juice of the day, but it should be within an hour of waking up.  Continue in the order we suggest. Wait approximately 1.5 hours before drinking the next juice, but if you are feeling hungry, just go for it. Drink one cup of hot or cold water between each juice.  Enjoy a herbal tea each day if you like. Try to finish your last juice 2 hours before bed.
We include much more thorough instructions when you receive your juice, including juice order and how often to drink them.


     The goal is to ease back into solid foods and be gentle with your digestive system.  Your digestive system has just enjoyed a lovely holiday, and we all know you need a few days to ease back into your regular routine after some time away.

Day 1 – Start your day with a juice or smoothie. Drink lots of water and consume mostly fresh juices, smoothies and soups. Consider ordering a 6 pack to follow your cleanse and enjoy a few each day.

Day 2 & 3 – Keep up lots of liquid, juices and smoothies. Incorporate raw fruits and veggies, a salad, and some lightly steamed veggies. Add brown rice or baked sweet potato if you need something more substantial. Drink lots of water.

Day 4 & 5 – Now is the time to incorporate some of the harder to digest foods back into your diet if you like. If you eat meat, be sure to have a small portion and accompany it with a leafy salad. Don’t forget! Alkaline first – so eat your salad before your main meal. Drink lots of water and continue to stay away from processed foods for as long as you can!


     Detoxification means your body is breaking down the toxins in your body and getting rid of them – they are getting stirred up and flushed out.  The more toxins and waste you’ve got hanging around (and weighing you down), the more symptoms you are likely to experience.  Different toxins exit your body different ways. Your body is stirring everything up and can’t always get everything out via the regular means of elimination. A heavy build up of caffeine, for example, may result in headaches; a build up of animal products and processed foods may show up as skin pimples or eruptions.  Due to years of eating certain foods you may have some toxic sludge lining your colon, possibly a couple of  pounds worth! Nausea can result as your body takes this amazing opportunity to clean it all out.

Most of the time symptoms are fairly minor and usually subside by the end of day 2– feeling a little cranky, spacey, hungry or tired is all most people report. Either way, it’s worth it because you are going to feel so amazing, so totally energized, so clean and bright that it will be totally worth it!

Symptoms may include: fatigue, headaches, constipation or diarrhea, increased libido, tons of energy, dry or flaky skin, skin pimples or rash, dry or pasty mouth, nausea, happiness, sense of clarity, overwhelming urge to get everyone you know eating & drinking their vegetables.

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