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Are your juice organic?

YES! We are proud to inform you that all our juices, milks, tonics and wellness shots are organic.  As of December 20th 2016 we transitioned from being partially organic to be all organic.

Can I drink coffee on a cleanse?

This is totally up to you.  If your goal is a period of absolutely no acidity, then yes – take it out. However, if you want to experience all the other benefits of doing a juice cleanse, but the stress and headaches of giving up coffee is holding you back, then don’t sweat it! You will still enjoy a ton of benefits. Do your best to wean yourself down to one cup per day and try to skip the milk and sugar if you can. 🙂 Click Here to read a blog post on the topic of drinking coffee on a juice cleanse.


Can I freeze the juice?

Yes. You should consume all of your juices within 3 days following delivery, so if you have to start the cleanse a day later than planned, freezing a days worth of juice will keep it safe to consume and retain the majority of its nutrients.

It is important to open the bottle and take a good sip before freezing the juice so there is room for the juice to expand.

What about the sugar content?

Is all sugar created equal? This a hot topic! The sugar from fruits are absorbed differently, and effect the body differently than refined sugars. Plus, the sugars in fruits and vegetables are accompanied by an array of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. The fruit sugars in your Juice Cleanse will be used by your body as energy and there won’t be any left over for your body to store as fat. During a Juice Cleanse you will not be consuming any sugar from processed foods, baked goods, refined carbohydrates (your body instantly converts those to sugar) alcoholic beverages, sauces, dressings, or any other way you may normally consume sugar.  The other piece to this conversation is that in a perfect world, everyone would do a juice cleanse with only veggie juice and nut milks, and skip the fruit juices all together.  If you can handle that, then we encourage that! What we have found however, is that the majority of the population would find that unpalatable and make for a miserable experience that they might not even be able to get through.  Our lowest sugar cleanse – the Classic Detox Cleanse, includes a few of our juices with the least amount of sugar. However, if you want take it further, you could replace Sweet Life with Detox Greens (no fruit). Keep in mind the sugars in a Roots Remedy come primarily from beets and carrots which are packed with nutritional benefits.  Lastly we implore you to make the decision that feels best for your body and reach out to us with any questions. The best cleanse, and the best experience, will be one tailored to your individual needs.

Will there be instructions?

Yes! When you sign up we will send you the GLJ Total Cleansing Guide with everything you will need to know to help you prepare.  When you receive your cleanse you will get a handy guide with step by st

What detox symptoms can I expect to experience?

Your toxicity level, and amount of prep you do is going to greatly effect what symptoms you experience.  Your prep period is designed to gradually get you off certain toxins, but if you have a lot in your system, the cleanse is certainly going to be stirring them up and getting them out.  Caffeine shows up through headaches and nervousness.  If you eat a lot of protein, meat and/or fat your body may need to find extra ways to eliminate them from your body besides urine and bowel movements.  You may experience pimples, excessive body odor, and a white coating on your tongue.

The most severe detox symptoms come from being on medication.  If you were on medication for an extended period, or currently, you can expect to feel crappy as your body works to push the toxic build up out of your system.  Medication breaks down as toxins as soon as it hits your system and doing a juice cleanse is a fantastic way to get them out of your body once you come off of them.

If you are currently on medication you should consult your doctor before doing a cleanse.  Cleansing can cause your medication to become more potent.

We give you the tools to help you deal with and often avoid them completely in our GLJ Total Cleansing Guide.

Can I keep up with my regular exercise?

Yes, but you need to be mindful. Halfway through day 2 your body will register you are cleansing and start to back up your efforts. If you then go for a killer workout it can confuse your body. Are you detoxing or training?

Light activity like yoga is amazing while cleansing. Walking is also fantastic.   Exercising burns calories and increases your appetite, so if you plan to do more than yoga and walking then you might want to get an Athletes Cleanse so you have that 7th juice each day to follow your work out.

If you like to train hard we recommend planning a few consecutive work outs before your cleanse, so that on Day 1 + 2 you can take it easy. Day 3 you may be able to resume a lighter version of your work-out depending on how you feel.  Many people’s energy is soaring on day 3 and report having more energy than they have had in years. Others, are still working through detox symptoms. So listen to your body and remember! You are cleansing to rid your body of toxins, regain energy, possibly lose weight, and change your cravings – your work-out routine will be there waiting when you are done.

How long should I Cleanse?

Keep in mind that part of the reason 3 day juice cleanses became popular because of juice companies packaging, pricing, and delivery options, not just because it is the best options for you. Everyone’s needs are different. If you are in good general health, start with a 3 days of juice to cleanse and de-toxify. 5 days will further strengthen the immune system and is 60% more cleansing time.  When you are able to work up to a 10 day cleanse you will be able to fight off degenerative diseases, clean out any meat left rotting in your gut, all of your built up toxic sludge, and pass the gum and marbles you swallowed as a kid.

How often should I Cleanse?

Everyone is different. Some find doing a 1 day cleanse every week is best, others find a 3 day cleanse at the start of each season is best., Possibly a longer 6-10 day cleanse twice a year. Others do it as often as they can afford.

When is the best time to Cleanse?

Your body will give signs you are in need of a reboot. Fatigue, moodiness, low energy, excessive bloating, poor digestion, sleeplessness, depression, aches and pains, or the first signs of a cold or flu may all be indications it’s time.  Many people plan a juice cleanse to follow times of excess such as vacation, holidays, cramming for exams or dealing with stressful times.  Others plan a cleanse to help them prepare and feel at their best prior to those very same times.   It is also very common to incorporate cleansing into their weekly routine as part of the maintenance plan of keeping up with their healthy, vibrant, Good Life.

Will I lose weight?

If you have weight to lose, you will lose weight. Depending on your current diet, and the length of your prep period, you may experience significant weight loss.  That being said, weight loss should not be the only focus.  It can be a welcomed side effect, but the goal of a juice cleanse is to detox the body, re-boot, and give your digestive system a rest so your body can heal.

How soon will I regain the weight I lost?

This is up to you!
The Total Cleansing Guide you receive prior to the cleanse is filled with fantastic lifestyle habits that will set you up for continued weight loss. Spending a few days being nourished with fruits + veggie juice will help you crave more fruits, veggies and other wholesome plant foods when you come off your cleanse.
If you were overweight prior to the cleanse, and keep up with just some of the changes you made during your prep period, you will most likely continue to loose weight.  The next time you prep and participate in a cleanse, you will lose some more, and make some more changes to your diet, and lose more weight until such time as your optimal weight – the slim physique that nature intended, is reached.  At that point cleansing will be part of your maintenance routine, and life long cleansing adventure.

I am considering just going for it . . . I want to start in a few days, and can’t really be bothered with a wean week or prep period. Is this ok?

You may find it less enjoyable and more challenging if you are eating a standard American diet, high in animal protein, processed foods, refined carbohydrates & sugar.  If you are not concerned so much about long-term results, than absolutely go for it. Do your best to remove those types of foods from your diet 2-3 days prior to your cleanse, drink tons of water, eat some extra veggies, and make your final meal be a salad if you can.

Why would someone do a 1 Day Cleanse every week?

This is an excellent cleansing strategy.  It is a way to reach and maintain your optimal weight and health.  The day before is a mini prep period, and the days following you will crave more juices, green smoothies, and plant foods, so it is a great way to keep cravings for junk food at bay,  You are giving your digestive system a mini break which will strengthen the immune system, keep your mind focused, ward off illness, and keep you energized.

What if I get hungry and have to eat something?

The goal is to give your digestive system a complete break, so really try your best to stick with the juices. Tap into your next days supply of juice if you need to and head to your nearest retailer  to pick up another bottle, or make a juice yourself. If your really need a little nosh, a cheat sheet of what you can consume is included with your GLJ Total Cleansing Guide. You receive this via email when you sign up for the cleanse.

Dairy free smoothies, a handful of nuts, avocado or other raw veggies is best.

How can this be enough calories to keep me energized?

Your body uses a lot of energy to digest food.  This saved energy will keep you going, plus all the live food enzymes are your vital life force and may result in your feeling more energized than when you consume twice as many calories.

Why is part of the juice settled at the bottom?

Only additives can prevent the settling process.  Our juices our 100% raw and natural.  Just give it a good shake and enjoy.

Can I do this if I am pregnant or nursing?

We don’t recommend doing a juice only cleanse.  You need more calories – either to nourish baby or produce sufficient breast milk. Plus, cleansing stirs up lots of toxins that could potentially be passed on to baby.

However the Juice Till Dinner Cleanse is very popular amongst breastfeeding mommies.  Check out our Juice Till Dinner page for specific suggestions on what to eat, how often, and what juices to incorporate.

A full-on Juice Cleanse is an awesome reward once you have finished breastfeeding, so look forward to it when the time is right.

Drinking our juices once or twice per day during pregnancy or while breast feeding, will help keep baby nourished, and you healthy and fit.  Don’t fall prey to the old adage, of “your pregnant, eat for two, now’s your excuse”. Any mother will tell you, losing weight when you are exhausted with a newborn is a huge challenge.  Fitting in a shower is enough of a challenge, getting to a yoga class a serious mission.  Stay in shape, exercise and eat healthy while you are pregnant. You only need 300 extra calories per day when you are pregnant, that is NOT the same as eating for two. Drinking green juice while pregnant helps regulate hormones and mood swings, keeps up your energy, prevents extreme cravings, and helps you chose veggies over fried food at the buffet table.  Drinking a Creamy Cashew is a delicious, sweet, alternative to ice cream!
Please note – our juice is 100% RAW and Unpasteurized.

How many calories are in each level?

The CLASSIC DETOX CLEANSE has 1022 calories/day and the DEEP DETOX CLEANSE has 810 calories/day.  Keep in mind that counting calories with raw foods and juice is not equivalent to the calories you count on a traditional diet of cooked and/or processed foods.  Read more about counting calories.

What about Fibre? I thought that was important.

Fiber is important.  The high concentration of fiber in plant foods is one of the principal reasons people who eat a plant based diet are fit, healthy, and making 3-4 regular BM’s a day!  But separating juice from fiber is work, and juice cleansing is designed to allow your body’s systems to rest, especially from breaking down food.

Where do you make the juice?

We make the juice at our facility on beautiful Vancouver Island – Nanaimo B.C. Canada.



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