Tumeric Tonic

Tumeric Tonic

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This glowing tonic is light and healing. 

An interesting mix of golden and glowing immune-boosting ingredients well-known for their anti-inflammatory benefits.  Perhaps our brightest and most interesting tonic yet.

TURMERIC - This medicinal ingredient is widely touted for its healing properties.  We chose organic turmeric root to help your body fight inflammation and regain its equilibrium and sense of balance, which means you'll feel more hydrated and alert.

LEMON - A strong course of Vitamin C to help promote hydration.

HONEY - We use unpasteurized raw honey, so your body will get the most out of this widely helpful and popular (for good reason!) ingredient. Raw honey is packed full of enzymes to increase our digestive fire and help breakdown and absorb phytonutrients.

PEPPER - When you combine black pepper with turmeric, it helps to increase the overall absorption rate of curcumin - the superstar ingredient in turmeric that helps fight inflammation.  Pepper - together in combination with the lemon - also helps to give this drink a zesty, refreshing kick. 


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