Roots Remedy

Roots Remedy

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This juice is a cornerstone of any cleanse - largely because it feels and behaves like a meal in a bottle.  It has an earthy yet subtly sweet flavour that is both surprising and delightful.  A beautifully balanced variety of fresh root vegetables and powerful herbs combined with just a hint of green apple for good measure.

BEET - Rich in antioxidants and ripe with anti-inflammatory agents.  They are an important ingredient in any cleanse, low in calories and earthy to the max!  Beets are also a rich source of flavonoid called anthocyanin - which contribute to their deep purple/pink hue.  

APPLE - A cold-pressed juice mainstay for sure!  Sweet yet potent, and bright with flavour. 

CARROT - This root vegetable is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A - which makes it easy on the eyes!  It will help keep those beautiful peepers bright and alert. 

CELERY - Celery juice is packed with vital nutrients - including an impressive number of antioxidants.  It is deeply hydrating and super refreshing and possesses a unique flavour profile that mixes well with other juice, making it an ideal base for cold-pressed juice recipes. 

MINT - The best ingredient yet!??!  Mint makes this juice taste complex and unique.

CUCUMBER - Cucumber is going to help you feel full and hydrated - which is helpful on a cleanse.  It pairs beautifully with mint to keep this juice balanced. 

PARSLEY - If you're main goal is to detox your body, parsley might just be your new best friend. 

LEMON - The Vitamin C in lemons can help boost your immune system.  What's not to like?!?!


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