Roots Remedy

Roots Remedy

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This juice is a cornerstone of any cleanse - largely because it feels and behaves like a meal in a bottle.  It has an earthy yet subtly sweet flavour that is both surprising and delightful.  A beautifully balanced variety of fresh root vegetables and powerful herbs combined with just a hint of green apple for good measure.

BEET - Rich in antioxidants and ripe with anti-inflammatory agents, beets have the ability to help detoxify your liver.  They are an important ingredient in any cleanse, low in calories and earthy to the max!  Beets are also a rich source of flavonoid called anthocyanin - which contribute to their deep purple/pink hue.  

APPLE - A cold-pressed juice mainstay for sure!  Sweet yet potent, and bright with flavour.  Apples aid in digestion and help to promote weight loss - if that's what you're going for...  However, these gorgeous fruits also boast a slew of other benefits. They can promote a healthy respiratory system and aid in fighting off Alzheimer’s disease.

CARROT - This root vegetable is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A - which makes it easy on the eyes!  It will help keep those beautiful peepers bright and alert.  Carrots are also widely known to help lower blood pressure.  They will boost your metabolism and help you fight off that seasonal cold. 

CELERY - Celery juice is packed with vital nutrients - including an impressive number of antioxidants.  It is deeply hydrating and super refreshing and possesses a unique flavour profile that mixes well with other juice, making it an ideal base for cold-pressed juice recipes. 

MINT - The best ingredient yet!??!  Mint makes this juice taste complex and unique.  Mint is widely known in natural medicine as having anti-fungal and anti-septic properties, which makes it an ideal detox superstar ingredient.  Mint is also a natural stimulant and can help increase your energy levels - making you feel unstoppable. 

CUCUMBER - Cucumber is going to help you feel full and hydrated - which is helpful on a cleanse.  It pairs beautifully with mint to keep this juice balanced. 

PARSLEY - If you're main goal is to detox your body, parsley might just be your new best friend.  It will help you purge those unwanted toxins by acting as an impressive yet completely natural diuretic.

LEMON - Lemon will help detoxify your liver and boost your immune system.  What's not to like?!?!


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