Charcoal Lemon-Aid

Charcoal Lemon-Aid

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Activated charcoal is a powerful substance that binds to toxins in the body.  Think of this drink as your ultimate daily detox.  It's both refreshing and unique - combining the flavours of citrus and lemon with a just hint of fresh lavender.

This juice is particularly helpful in fighting the dreaded hangover!  It will help to remove heavy metals from the body as well as settle your stomach.  

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL - Activated charcoal will help detox your body after a hard day's night.  Use this powerful ingredient to rid the body of harmful toxins, improve digestion and help fight gas and bloating. 

LEMON - Lemon is well-known for aiding in digestion and boosting energy.

LAVENDER - Lavender is extremely calming.  An essential part of this drink in creating a unique flavour. 

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