Beauty Tonic

Beauty Tonic

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We want you to feel beautiful while you drink this...

Not only because these gorgeous ingredients help to give you radiant glowing skin from the inside out, but because the colour & flavours carry a feminine and romantic energy.  We hope this tonic reminds you of just how beautiful you really are.

This tonic was created in collaboration with Elate Cosmetics.

SHISANDRA BERRY - Mega rich in antioxidants, this anti-aging super-food helps to improve the appearance of the skin.  It is also known to boost energy and help with mental focus. It will also increase libido as well as your overall stamina. You really can't go wrong!

ROSE - A stunning bloom closely linked to the ideas of beauty and love.  We gently steep organic rose petals because they are rich in the kind of antioxidants that protect and nourish the skin.  The rose in this tonic also adds a lovely feminine flavour.

COLLAGEN - An important building block for healthy hair, skin, nails and bones.  Collagen will work to increase elasticity and moisture in the skin - but we begin to lose this powerful protein as we age.  It is widely known to be one of the most effective supplements for reducing the sign of fine lines and wrinkles.

We have sourced the absolute highest quality fish collagen from Nova Scotia.  You can shop our pure collagen by clicking here.

COCONUT WATER - This stuff is both delicious and refreshing!  Coconut water is packed with antioxidants and powerful enzymes, not to mention vitamins and minerals. The micronutrients in coconut water will help boost your immune system.  Not only that, but the plant hormones called cytokinins in coconut water exhibit anti-aging, anti-thrombotic and anti-cancer properties.


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