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Our introductory juice cleanse, and perfect for first timers.

An EASY reboot for your body. 

4 Juices + 2 Nut Milks per day - this cleanse is packed with our most delicious and filling drinks, helping create an easy drinking and great tasting experience.

If you're worried about giving up your favourite indulgences like coffee and chocolate, then don’t be. Cause we left those in! Cleansing should feel like you are NOURISHING your body, not depriving it. Feeling satisfied leads to better results.

Your body will be flooded with nutrients, your digestive system will be at rest, and your body has the opportunity to cleanse + detox.  An opportunity to ingest clean, healthy nutrients and reset your palette and cravings. Experience increased mental clarity, glowing skin, healthy weight loss, improved digestion and a overall heightened level of energy.

A liquid-only fast like this one allows for deeper detoxing and healing to occur.

To prepare for your cleanse, consume a fibre-rich, plant based meal the night before. Let us take care of everything - no stress, no sacrifices, just clean eating designed for results. Select one of our plant-rich super meals - clean, organic, ready-to go for the night before. Nutrient rich meals that are chef crafted, and incredibly delicious. Our top suggestions are the TOFU POKE BOWL or RAINBOW NOURISH BOWL.

$62 per day


Glo / Oh La Latte / Crave U / Lady Luxe / Classic Greens / Mylk Chocolate

The price of this product reflects a one-day cleanse. Let us know how many days you would like to cleanse by using the quantity selection below.

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