Zesty Green Smoothie Recipe

green smoothie recipe

Green Smoothie Recipe - Zesty, Tangy & Poppin' with Nutrients!

This is my current go-to green smoothie -Light, tangy, flavourful and heavy on the veggies!  Smoothies are a great way to make a quick and nourishing breakfast. Pour it into a mason jar and you have a  healthy breakfast to go! And since mornings have a way of being hectic,  prepping your ingredients ahead of time can make smoothie time even easier. On Sundays I prep 4- ziplock bags or containers with most of the the ingredients for one smoothie. Since this smoothie has small amounts of a lot of different things, I tend not to make it as often.

Doing the prep beforehand makes it quick and easy and drinking this smoothie for breaky me feel better than another!

leaf41.5 cups coconut water


1-2 TBSP lime juice

leaf41 romaine leaf

leaf41/2 of a green apple

leaf44 mint sprigs

leaf4Small sprig cilantro

leaf41/2 celery stalk

leaf4Small piece of cucumber

leaf43 Ice cubes

leaf4Optional: scoop of unflavoured protein powder


Blend in a high-speed blender and enjoy!

by GLJ founder, Andrea Dershin