Superfood Hot Chocolate

  This amazing superfood hot chocolate creation by @Foodtosaveyoursoul makes for a deliciously healthy treat packed with immune nourishing, anti-aging and mood-enhancing ingredients. It features two of our favourite adaptogens: reishi mushroom and maca to help your body adapt to stress.  And if you are like me, and trying to kick coffee, this makes a fantastic replacement to your afternoon cup of joe. The maca and cacao are energizing, the reishi and maca help you deal with the stress of giving up coffee, and the velvety smooth delicious flavour makes you feel like you are really treating yourself like the queen (or king!) that you are. XO Andrea.

Adaptogens: Medicinal plants and herbs that help the body become more adaptive, resilient and better able to recover from the stresses of life: physical, mental, emotional, and environmental. Adaptogens are able to nourish the immune system and work in sync with the body to keep it in balance.


-Nourishes and regulates the immune system

-Reduces stress and promotes calmness and peace of mind

-Anti-aging and longevity promoting

-Powerful adaptogen


-Balances hormones and boosts libido

-Increases energy and stamina

-Improves mood

-Powerful adaptogen


Nutrient dense, ancient Peruvian fruit

Adds creaminess and a sweet taste but is very low glycemic


-One of natures richest sources of antioxidants and magnesium

-Contains mood enhancing neurotransmitters such as serotonin, theobromine, anandamide ("the bliss molecule"), and PEA ("the love molecule")

For the Dry Mix:

In a glass jar, combine the following:

leaf42 TBSP cacao powder or dark red cocoa powder

leaf42-3 TBSP coconut sugar

leaf41 TBSP maca powder

leaf41 TBSP lucuma powder

leaf42 tsp reishi powder

leaf42 tsp cinnamon

leaf41/4 tsp. sea salt

leaf4pinch of red chile flakes

Stir well to combine thoroughly and store in a glass jar with a lid.

recipeTo make hot chocolate:

Heat 1 cup of nut-milk or organic milk in a small pot with 1 tsp raw organic expeller pressed extra virgin coconut oil and 1 to 1.5 TBSP hot chocolate mix.

For a twist, add a little orange zest as well. Heat until steaming, just before boiling, and then transfer to a blender and blend until frothy.

Pour into your most favourite mug and sip slowly. For best results, share with someone you love.

For an extra kick, make with 6 oz French pressed coffee and 2 oz milk of choice.

kristen lambourneRecipe and images thanks to Kristen Lambourne.


For meal planning and recipe ideas be sure to check out Kristen on Instagram @foodtosaveyoursoul .  Kristen in an energetic young mama who resides in Victoria B.C. She is a talented meal planner and works with clients on an individual basis to meet their specific dietary needs and goals.