Hypnotize your Health? Count me in!

When you hear the word Hypnotherapy, you might imagine a mystical man in a top hat, swaying a watch in front of the face of his zombie-like victim. Or, if you are like me, you have a flash back to that time you acted like a monkey on the stage of bar - semi-concious that you were being a total numbskull.  Well, these miss-representations are a slap in the face to what hypnotherapy, and all it's benefits are really about. Hypnotherapy is actually a form of psychotherapy, and hypnosis is a natural state of heightened awareness -  a tool to create suggestibility in the mind. These suggestions are creative and transformative.  They can change unwanted behavioral patterns into positive and encouraging patterns.

Curious to learn more, and get a deeply relaxing session while you are at it?? Check out the amazingly talented Tash Vince and her upcoming workshop at Moksha Yoga Nanaimo.Hypno_workshop_sept2014-01

Tash Vincze C.Ht. is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals whether they’re physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  As a yoga instructor and hypnotherapist, she has exciting opportunities to explore these aspects of self, with her students and clients.


Her training includes:

  • Hypnotherapy training through Island Hypnosis in 2007
  • Moksha Yoga Teacher training in 2009
  • Yin Yoga training with Bernie Clark in 2011
  • Mindfulness Training (meditation) with Re. Frank Boccio in 2012
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