Challenge Excepted! 3 Litres of Water/Day.

GLC's in-house nutritionist, Elyse Cordery, has challenged me to keep up with her New Year's Resolution - Drink 3 liters of water each day for the month of January!   Doesn't it make your bladder quiver just thinking about it? waterchallenge

Here are the top 5 reasons why this challenge rocks:

#1 We are in it together. Whether you are training for an event, giving up certain foods or doing a juice cleanse, when you have a partner in crime you will have more fun and achieve better results.  Eylse and I text each other once we meet our 3 L quota to keep ourselves accountable.

#2 The Health & Beauty Benefits.  My skin is positively glowing and I no longer have puffy bags under my eyes in the morning. With my belly being full of water I have a smaller appetite and less cravings.  

#3 We are inspiring others: This is the icing on the cake to anything you do for yourself, when you can inspire others to do the same.  My brother, and fellow GLC juicer, Ryan Gabel seriously drinks 1/2 a glass of water per day with lunch. That's it!! All day!! (Elyse is on his case regularly about his). Yesterday, he let us know that all this water talk is starting to sink in - he proudly drank an entire glass after bruising his teeth in the morning . . . baby steps :)

#4 All the Tasty Creations:  Homemade vitamin water an easy and inspiring way to keep drinking so much water interesting and enjoyable.  Our current favorite is pineapple, lime and mint.  Keep playing with what you have in the fridge and mixing things up. My kids LOVE IT!

#5 It is a Measurable and Acheivable Resolution: Far too often we set a resolution that we don't stand a chance of reaching, and end up feeling like we gave up or failed.  Having something you can reach, and feel proud of at the end of the day is important. We deserve to pat ourselves on the back. Positive thinking changes everything :)

Remember, when doing a juice cleanse, water is key! Try to drink at least a glass of water in between every bottle of juice. This will help flush out to toxins and keep you feeling full!