Bless You! - Allergy Fighting Juice

allergy juice Small but mighty! This seasonal juice is packed with ingredients specifically chosen for their ability to provide relief from seasonal allergies.

Don't have allergies? This juice is also a fantastic way to take advantage of local, seasonal herbs as well as the immune boosting benefits of garlic!

BLESS YOU! Stinging Nettles / Dandelion Greens / Cucumber / Kale / Pineapple / Garlic / Honey / Lime

Featured Ingredients:

1. Stinging Nettle

allergy juice

Its no coincidence that nettle's short season occurs in the spring time, just in time to provide relief for allergy season.  This plant is anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, and a natural anti-histamine, providing soothing relief from symptoms without the side effects of allergy medication.

2. Dandelion Greens

allergy juice

This highly medicinal plant grows in abundance in the spring time, often to the dismay of lawn owners who do not realize just how beneficial this common weed is.  When compared to other leafy greens, dandelion greens contain impressive amounts of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Dandelions are also gentle liver and kidney cleansers, making them a great addition to spring time cleansing!

3. Raw Garlic

allergy juice

Garlic is a natural anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine to aid in the relief of allergy symptoms. It is also one of the best natural decongestants to help relieve sinus pressure.  The high amounts of anti-oxidants found in garlic help to fight off the histamine reaction while boosting the immune system.

4. Raw Local Honey

allergy juice

Consuming local honey is believed to help the body adapt to the unique allergens and pollens present in the local environment. Bees pick up small amounts of pollen from local plants which remain present in very small amounts in the honey. By introducing these allergens into your body, the immune system has a chance to develop a natural immunity to them.

This juice is based on local, seasonal ingredients, so take advantage while it's here! :) Available in shop for a limited time only.