Strathcona Provincial Park - Vancouver Island’s Greatest Playground for Outdoor Exercising

Strathcona Provincial Park – Comox Valley - 250, 000 hectares of mountain wilderness

Comox Valley

A Retreat in Nature and a Top Destination for Exercising Outdoors.




Visitors from around the world are traveling to Vancouver Island each year to visit Strathcona Provincial Park


Things to do: hiking, backpacking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, wildlife viewing, fishing, mountain biking, wilderness camping, kayaking and the list goes on


Strathcona Provincial Park is the largest provincial park on Vancouver Island and also the oldest throughout all British Columbia


Impossible not to get thrilled by the irresistible scenery, wildlife, and opportunities for adventure


Let us introduce you to one of my favourite Vancouver Island wilderness playgrounds: Strathcona Provincial Park.  Extending from the Pacific Coast to the Comox Valley, this provincial park is probably one of Vancouver Island’s greatest assets for outdoor exercising and wilderness adventure. Located near the communities of Campbell River and in the Comox Valley, Strathcona Provincial Park is a natural gem that attracts many visitors from around the world each year. Created in 1911, Strathcona Provincial Park is basically the largest provincial park on Vancouver Island and also the oldest throughout all British Columbia. Glacier, lake, river, creek, stream, old forest & unlimited trails, this legendary wilderness playground stands out with its impressive stretch of untouched old forest and numerous outdoor activities.

Go for a challenging hike to Comox Glacier, camp at one of the multiple wilderness campgrounds, hike the surrounding trails, spend the weekend skiing Mount Washington Alpine Resort, cross-country ski or snowshoe Paradise Meadow, rock climb one of the multiple climbing routes or go for an outdoor yoga session. The possibilities are infinite! I am simply thrilled and thankful for having access to such beautiful areas to recharge my batteries and get away from the city. No need to get a membership to the gym, winter is as good as summer to exercise outdoors on Vancouver Island. Find what you like to do and do it often! We should all take advantage of getting access to such a vast natural playground and use it to make changes in our life for better choices & healthy lifestyle.

For map & access click here.

Benefits of Exercising Outdoors:


You burn more calories; due to resistance from the wind, slopes and uneven terrains, your body will have to work harder and burn more calories


It’s great for your mood; research has proven the connection between spending more time outside and stress reduction, as fresh air and increased oxygen releases the ‘’feel good’’ chemical in your brain


You never get bored; you can enjoy gorgeous scenery and stop thinking about how much time left to your workout. It keeps your mind busy so you can go on and exercise for hours without getting bored


It’s FREE; No membership required as most of the park & trails access are free, your wallet will thank your and the possibilities are infinite.

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