Lifestyle Markets - Victoria's First Natural Market & Your One Stop Natural Foods & Vitamin Store

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Lifestyle Markets

Best Selection of Vitamins, Supplements, Natural Body Care, Organic Food & Good Life Cold Pressed Juice.




Locally owned since 1995, now counts 3 locations in Victoria


Lifestyle Markets has incredibly helpful and knowledgeable staff.  They always have genuine smiles on their face and authentic good vibes at the ready. 


Has been voted “Best Health Food Store”and “Best Nutrition Store in Victoria” for several years in a row


Lifestyle Markets on Douglas has a Deli with freshly prepared organic foods like salad, wrap, soup and baked goods


Cold pressed juice delivered fresh every Monday & Thursday. Pick up a bottle or make your own Juice Cleanse!

If you are looking for a well-established natural market in Victoria, than look no further. I would like to introduce you to Lifestyle Markets in Victoria, which now counts 3 locations in the port city: Douglas St., Cook St. and Sidney. Its biggest store on Douglas St. was also the first one open and now proudly carries some of the best selection of local, organic, fresh produce, celiac-friendly foods, quality supplements and vitamins. This Victoria community favourite natural food and vitamin store first opened its doors in 1995. Back in the day, it was a significantly bigger challenge to find a one-stop store with a vast selection of natural foods and health supplements, so Lifestyle Markets simply aimed for the opportunity of becoming one of the first natural market on Vancouver Island to offer some of the largest selection of organically-grown fresh food, vitamins, supplements and all sorts of natural produce. What I find most interesting about this health junkie’s go-to spot is that Lifestyle Markets also carries the largest selection of dairy alternatives on Vancouver Island. All sorts of milk, butter, yogurt and cheese substitutes, other than only soy, are offered whether you are vegetarian, vegan, lactose-intolerant or health-conscious. As if it wasn’t enough, Lifestyle Market on Douglas St. also carries the largest selection of natural skin and body care products. So from skin care to cold pressed juice, you can always count on them to find your best local sustainable natural products.

Lifestyle Market was the first retailer in Victoria to carry Good Life's cold pressed juice.  The professionalism, kindness and support they extended our way was pretty amazing. The owner and staff continue to impress us with their generosity of good spirit.

Lifestyle Natural Market – Cook St.

343 Cook Street, Victoria, BC, V8V 3X6

Phone: 1-250-381-5450

Lifestyle Natural Market – Sydney

9769 Fifth Street, Sydney, BC, V8L 2X1

Phone: 1-250-656-2326

Lifestyle Natural Market – Downtown Victoria

2950 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC, V8T 4N4

Phone: 1-250-384-3388



Victoria Cold Pressed Juice + Juice Cleanses

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