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Locally owned & operated by Dr. Erika Kneeland


You can find a wonderful section dedicated to healthy recipe ideas on their website


Apple Naturopathic carries a variety of health promoting products including local and island-made goods


Dr. Erika Kneeland has special interests in Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Women’s Health, Bowen Therapy and Acupuncture

When I first visited Apple Naturopathic Clinic’s website and read their mission statement to "educate, empower and provide exceptional care to help people live healthier lives’’ I could sense a real commitment and devotion for the naturopathic medicine and its patients. Naturopathic medicine is a path worth considering if you are looking for more traditional healing methods. Apple Naturopathic in Courtenay is owned and operated by local Naturopathic Physician Dr. Erika Kneeland who first moved to Comox Valley in 2009. She couldn’t be happier to enjoy practicing naturopathic in such a lovely and health-wise community. After graduating from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, she obtained her BAC of Science degree with honours from the University of Calgary. In addition to all medical training standard, Dr. Erika Kneeland also has further training in diverse naturopathic methods that she now offers within her clinic. Apple Naturopathic offers different services like Clinical nutrition, Western botanical medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Bowen therapy, Bio impedence analysis, Biotherapeutic drainage & Intravenous therapies. Naturopathic medicine could really be the answer for many people caught with chronic health problems, as it can reveal the underlying causes of health concerns and treat the whole individual, not just the symptoms. Apple Naturopathic believes it is important to consider the patient as a whole, and naturopathic provides the tools to design individual treatment plans for every patient.

The principles of Naturopathy:

leaf4  First Do No Harm; by providing the most effective health care available with the least risk to the patient at all time


The Healing Power of Nature; by recognizing, respecting and promoting the self-healing power of nature innate to each individual


Treat the Cause; by striving to identify and remove causes of illness, rather than suppressing symptoms


Doctor as Teacher; by educating the patient, inspiring rational expectations and encouraging self-responsibility for health


Treat the Whole Person; by individualizing each practice and considering all individual health factors and influences


Health Promotion, the Best Prevention; by emphasizing the health condition & promoting wellbeing and by preventing diseases for the individual, community and world

I think it’s great that it is now a popular alternative available for anyone wanting to give it a shot. We all make our own choices, but considering other paths can expose our world to a whole new range of possibilities.

Apple Naturopathic Clinic – Courtenay - Comox Valley’s Naturopathic Medicine Practice

Apple Naturopathic Clinic – Courtenay

Address: #2-204 North Island Hwy, Courtenay, BC, V9N 3P1

Phone: 1-250-334-0655


Courtenay Cold Pressed Juice + Juice Cleanse

 Just like naturopathic practicioners, we promote and encourage natural alternatives rather than medications to heal your body. Plants can heal you and a plant-based diet is way more sustainable than the fad diets we are exposed to. Drinking cold pressed juices and doing a juice cleanse once in a while is not to be considered a "diet," but a lifestyle. Whenever your body gives you signs of fatigue, grumpiness, low energy, bloating, poor digestion, sleeplessness, depression, aches and pain, it is speaking to you in a way you should consider. Try a juice cleanse and see for yourself how life changing drinking 100% raw, natural, fresh cold pressed juice can be. Plan a juice cleanse after times of excess like holidays, a stressful exam period or simply a stressful week or plan your juice cleanse prior to it to prepare and feel at your best. Each individual is different and we all make our own choices, but if you haven’t walked on the path of substituting your old incrusted habits into more natural alternatives, I strongly suggest you give it a shot. Nothing is more exciting than discovering new horizons right?

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