Qualicum Beach Farmers’ Market – Locally-Sourced & Produced Shopping

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Qualicum Beach Farmers’ Market – Oceanside’s collection of Local Growers & Artisans, Fresh Organic Foods, Homemade Crafts & Live entertainment



Every Saturday (January 18th – December 18th) - 8:30-120pm


All vendors must ‘’Make it, Bake it, or Grow it’’ to sell it


Live entertainment, different event for each of the months to keep things interesting and fun

leaf4  Helps local farmers and the local economy & support a more environmentally sustainable food system

Who doesn’t like local markets? Smiling happy customers & enthusiastic producers willing to share their passion; the mixed perfumes from food trucks and handcrafted essential oils; the warm climate of Vancouver Island... I could keep going on. There are multiple reasons why people keep attending local farmers’ markets and they are all good reasons. With numerous local markets throughout Vancouver Island, the one I would like to highlight today is Qualicum Beach Farmers’ Market. Held almost all year round (January 18th – December 21st) Qualicum Beach Farmers’ Market is probably one of the largest you could find and definitely one worth checking out. Operated from inside of the Community Hall during the winter months (Jan-April & mid-October-Dec) & outdoor on Veterans Way during the warm season (May to mid-October) this market is generally very popular and very crowded with artisan tents and pleased customers every Saturday 8:30 – 12 pm. You will find everything you need for your healthy foods and natural products shopping within one spot. Enjoy the vast selection of fresh produce and local goods, all made from scratch by vendors who must ‘’Make it, Bake it or Grow it’’ to sell it. It’s a great activity to do with the family on the weekend, a great way to teach children about the importance of buying local fresh produce, or just to get your legs moving and breathe in some fresh air. Live entertainment, great people, great food and products, Qualicum Beach Famers’ Market will take you right back to the roots of the old traditional ways of farm to table shopping experience! It will quickly become your first source of organic local produce and gifts. It is a very rewarding feeling that you get when you shop local and encourage local businesses and producers. Voting with your dollar is a great way to support small Vancouver Island’s companies and support a more sustainable food system.

Qualicum Beach Farmers’ Market

Every Saturday 8:30am - 12pm

Memorial & Veterans Way Indoors starting Oct. 18th.

Closed for the holidays, Dec 27th & Jan 3rd

Phone: 1-844-843-7236

Website: www.qbfarmersmarket.com

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