Get to Know Our Tribe - Willow Hillard - Lady Boss Edition

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset There are so many inspirational female entrepreneurs kicking-ass at life and business on Vancouver Island! We wanted to take an opportunity to highlight a few of these amazing women in our Lady Boss Edition of our Get to Know our Tribe.

I think of all the Lady Bosses who have filled out our questionnaire, Willow's made me want to go and hang out with her the most! I discovered Willow's two Victoria boutiques - Folk on Fort and Lark and Sparrow from following the Victoria fashion blog Style Feed Victoria  and totally fell in love.  It's one of the select clothing stores on the Island that has a true city feel and a dangerously tasteful selection of clothing. Dangerous, b/c you will want to buy everything! Willow's creativity is evident in her stores and in her questionnaire - we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

1.) Where do you work? What do you love about your company?

I am the boss lady (owner, merchandiser, buyer, accountant, human resources, sales trainer) at Folk Apparel located at 803 Fort St. We’ve been open for 2 months. I previously owned Lark +Sparrow down in Cook St Village and decided that a fresh change was in order so we changed the name and moved closer to my clientele, which was downtown.

I love that we are providing the women of Victoria new minimalistic and modern takes on classic styles. It’s a new and very european style for Victoria. Our inventory is forever changing so that keeps my job interesting and challenging.

2.) What’s an upcoming adventure you plan to take?

I have quite a large family, read: 5 kids!! We are all taking a trip down to Mexico for a couple of weeks in the Spring. My family owns some property there and we are just going to unwind and relax in the sun and sand. It’s a great time to recharge and reflect. Balancing work and play is a very important part of being a successful woman, wife and mother. It will be an adventure because my husband and I will be managing our 5 kids in a foreign country, but it won’t all be work! Seeing the world through fresh and curious eyes is always a inspiring thing.

3.) Who do you consider your tribe and what do you most appreciate about them?

My tribe is a group of strong independent women who are artists, musicians, pathfinders, warriors and believers. Some of which have had families and have managed to keep their ever evolving identities intact and separate from the demands of family life. I really respect that because it’s not easy to balance work and family. I think it takes a very centered and strong person to be true to yourself while balancing life's demands. Creating a life of balance with compassion and empathy for those that you love, and yourself, is key.

4.) What are you about to eat?

I was planning on grabbing some Good Life juice, not kidding. I usually start the day with some water and coffee. When I start to feel my energy lag I hit the juice!

5.) What did you care most about when you were 10 years old?

Playing in the ocean. I used to pretend I was a mermaid off the shores of Royston here on the island. Once I was swimming and had a beautiful encounter with a seal. We swam together for a while curling our bodies around in the water. I was young and innocent, I really had no idea that it was such a magical moment until much later in life, as an adult. True perspective sometimes takes time...

6.) What’s your spirit animal?

When I was 10- probably a dolphin. Now? Most likely a white owl. When I moved back to the island 6 years ago from the mainland I was travelling down Oxford street in Fairfield at dusk. A rather large white owl flew down into the street, right in my path, about 5 feet away. The owl and I just looked at one another for what it seemed like an eternity. Unblinking and curious. Calm, yet ready to act. I admire that. A very zen animal. My daughter was with me. That experience was a gift.

7.) What famous person would you like to meet? Why?

The Olsen twins.  I admire their personal style. They are not afraid to take risks, and they don’t follow trends, they make them.

8.) What super power would you most like to have?

To transform into an animal- Shapeshifting

9.) What was your first pet’s name?(Just in case we have to hack into your email account)

His name was Magic- a beautiful doberman pinscher

10.) What is your favorite activity to get your sweat on?

Hot yoga and dancing. Poetic movement is my favourite to exhaust mind, body and soul.

11.) What do you do to relax?

Sitting in front of a crackling fire that my husband has built, and is currently maintaining, with a glass of wine and my family.

12.) What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Beach walking which usually leads to scenic photography inspired by the immense beauty that surrounds us here on the coast. They don’t call it supernatural BC for nothing!

13.) Guilty pleasure indulgence? 

Vinyl records and drop in nude drawing classes

14.) What’s your favorite GLJ juice?

Supa Greens-I have to get my energy from somewhere to keep up with this beautiful life I’ve created!!

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