Get to Know Our Tribe - Tashe Vitaly - Lady Boss Edition

There are so many inspirational female entrepreneurs kicking-ass at life and business on Vancouver Island! We wanted to take an opportunity to highlight a few of these amazing women in our Lady Boss Edition of our Get to Know our Tribe. If you live in Nanaimo and you love fashion, then you NEED to know Tashe!  Her boutique, Sartorial has a carefully selected line of quality brands that make up for a gorgeous but practical wardrobe.  To top it off, Tashe is super chill and makes shopping there a breeze.  We have had the opportunity to collaborate with Tashe a few times in the past and it is always a pleasure - we hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as we have!

1.) Where do you work?

Sartorial Boutique



How long have you worked there?

We're in our 7th year!

What do you love about your company?

The clientele &   friendships that have been formed. I'm pretty humbled to have such a loyal clientele.

2.) What’s an upcoming adventure you plan to take?

Business wise, we've been asked to join & will be selling on line within the next month or so. Shoptiques is an    on-line retailer featuring curated boutiques from around the world. You can buy a top from a boutique in New York, a bracelet in London, & jeans from us – all in one transaction.

 3.) Tell us about one of your past adventures.

I've been lucky enough to travel a lot over the years... places   like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Singapore, Fiji, Bali & a few other tropical destinations.

4.) What is something you enjoy about living in your community?

I LOVE downtown & its charm. It's come a long way in the past        10 + years. I love the shops, the restaurants, the cafe's, the     artisans, the harbour, and the new brew pub! The business      community is very supportive of one another & everyone is passionate about downtown.

5.) What are you about to eat?

Leftovers for lunch.

6.) What did you care most about when you were 10 years old?

My sister.

7.) What’s your spirit animal?

I think it is a wolf. I had to search that on-line just now.

8.) _______ (name of famous person) you most like to _______.

Jessica Alba - be intern at her company Honest. And go shopping.

9.) What super power would you most like to have?

Healing. Night vision would be a bonus too.

10.) What was your first pet’s name?

Whiskey, a grumpy toy poodle.

11.) What is your favorite activity to get your sweat on?

My friends will laugh reading this. The only way I have ever committed to a gym is via a trainer.

12.) What do you do to relax?

Watch a movie.

13.) What is your favorite outdoor activity?


14.) Guilty pleasure indulgence? (not food)

Facial or a massage. Or a new handbag.

15.) What’s your favorite GLJ juice?


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