Get to Know Our Tribe - Kristen Butler - Lady Boss Edition

Kristen There are so many inspirational female entrepreneurs kicking-ass at life and business on Vancouver Island! We wanted to take an opportunity to highlight a few of these amazing women in our Lady Boss Edition of our Get to Know our Tribe.

This brand new series is being kicked off by one of Nanaimo's most giving and community-driven entrepreneurs.  Dr. Kristen Emmy Butler has been a supporter, but more importantly a friend to Good Life Juice since it's early beginnings.  We are proud and grateful to collaborate with Kristy and her team on a regular basis and hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as we have!

1.) Where do you work?

Moksha Yoga Nanaimo, Island Optimal Health & Performance


Owner/Director/CEO/Chiropractor/Yoga Teacher

How long have you worked there?

Our doors officially opened February 2008 but it’s been a lifelong journey of events that have led me to where I am as a business owner today.

What do you love about your company?

Beyond absolutely loving everyone that works at Moksha Yoga and Island Optimal, I love that through our shared vision, we are truly making a difference in the world. Whether it be helping someone out of pain, helping people perform better in their sport, job or life, offering them a sense of belonging or community and allowing them a space to breathe and find peace so that they can then go out and do good in the world. Everyday we get to help people and we see the trickle effect out in their relationships, the environment and their worlds. What could be better?!

2.) What’s an upcoming adventure you plan to take?

Wondering what steps I need to take to travel to outer space. Looking back on the Earth is on my Bucket List.

3.) Who do you consider your tribe and what do you most appreciate about them?

Moksha studio owners and teachers are definitely my tribe. With the united goal of creating more peace in the world and believing wholeheartedly that this can be accomplished through sharing yoga and doing our best to live by our 7 Pillars: Be Healthy, Be Accessible, Live Green, Community Support, Live to Learn, Reach Out and Be Peace.

4.) What was the last thing you ate?

Black Americano… actually, two Black Americanos

5.) What did you care most about when you were 10 years old?

Tree forts. Singing in our tree forts. Exploring and playing barefoot in the crick with my sister and cousins. – what a fantastic question!

6.) What’s your spirit animal?

Cardinal; The Cardinal reminds us passion, warmth and vibrancy is available to us - even under the cloak of winter's grey clouds. The cardinal asks us to stand a little taller, be a bit more regal, step into our natural confidence as if we were born to lead with grace and nobility.

7.) What super power would you most like to have?

To fly and to fly really fast. Looking down from above gives such a wide and wonderful perspective and all of a sudden the problems we feel are so current and personal seem not so bad. The real superpower would be to then share this perspective with others so that we can all live in a bit more harmony with ourselves and with others. The fast part of flying would be purely selfish as I love that wind-in-my-hair kinda feeling.

8.) What was your first pet’s name?(Just in case we have to hack into your email account)

Timber – Husky/Shepherd mix

9.) What is your favorite activity to get your sweat on?

Moksha Yoga, every time!

10.) What do you do to relax?

More Moksha Yoga – sweat hard, relax harder

11.) What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Anything outside – surf, soil, snow, sand, stars… mountains, forests, fields… if I am breathing, conscious and outside I am happy!

12.) Guilty pleasure indulgence? (not food)

Rocking out to old country music. George Jones, Hank Williams, Conway Twitty, Roger Miller… (Did I just admit that? Did I just say ‘Rocking out?’)

13.) What’s your favorite GLJ juice?

Classic Greens, though so excited about the new recipes! Grapefruit…oh yeah!!


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