Meet Our Tribe - Kiyomi Schulz - Lady Boss Edition

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There are so many inspirational female entrepreneurs kicking-ass at life and business on Vancouver Island! We wanted to take an opportunity to highlight a few of these amazing women in our Lady Boss Edition of our Get to Know our Tribe.

I am incredibly proud to call this fiercely talented and driven woman a friend, accountability partner, yoga student and part of our tribe.  I first met Kiyomi after begging her staff to get me a hair appointment when she had a wait list for new clients. It actually took my best friend (who was her client), to move away and me to take her space to get the chance!!  She is incredibly passionate about doing her best in business and life, and deserves every ounce of respect you have to give.  I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have!

1.) Where do you work? Position? 

Visionary and Founder of House of Kiyo est 2002

2.) Tell us about one of your past adventures.

Cycling trip to Arizona in Feb to conquer some hills and epic rides!

3.) Who do you consider your tribe and what do you most appreciate about them?

My tribe is my Kiyo Fam, they inspire me, make me laugh everyday and make me proud

4.) What was the last thing you ate?

Chocolate and yogurt covered bluberries but about to eat some veggies and quinoa with topped with some feta and siracha, nom nom!

5.) What did you care most about when you were 10 years old?

That took me a moment and couple questions to figure out when that was… Hmmmm I would have to say gymnastics and ice cream

6.) What’s your spirit animal?


7.)_________(name of famous person) you most like to _______

Hugh Jackman….. need I say anything??? His name says enough ;)

8.) What super power would you most like to have?

Weeeeee to fly!!!

9.) What was your first pet’s name? (Just in case we have to hack into your email account)


10.) What is your favorite activity to get you sweat on?


11.) What do you do to relax?


12.) What is your favorite outdoor activity?


13.) Guilty pleasure/indulgence? (not food)

Facials and massages

14.) What’s your favorite GLJ juice?

Classic Greens!


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