Get to Know our Tribe - Marion Doris Groot - Lady Boss Edition

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Marion Groot is an inspiring example of a women who is working hard in business and in life - taking charge of her health, harnessing her creativity and stepping into her power.  Marion is a creative director and brand coach who breaths life and beauty into the people and companies she works with.

I first met Marion when we did a little trade of services - by far still my favorite way to connect with local businesses.  Marion and her team got to sip on the Good Life and I got some absolutely gorgeous images of our product in return.  What struck me first was her authenticity, lady boss vibes and fabulous style.  Marion is is incredibly talented at what she does, and is doing her work in a way that feels real, raw and exactly what we need these days.  Since doing this interview I am also THRILLED she is meditating!!!!  I hope every one who reads this is inspired to make BOTH their physical and mental health a priority and watch how it helps you fly! Much love, GLJ founder - Andrea Dershin.


1.) Where do you work and for how long? What do you love about your company?

Right now, I work from home. I am a freelance creative director, beauty pro, brand developer and creative coach. It is a welcomed change of pace from the intensity of my last business where I owned and operated a 4200 square feet creative studio space. While it was an amazing experience and I felt incredibly fulfilled by my work, I didn’t have much time to be creative for myself. So, I’m really enjoying life right now! 

2.) Tell us about an upcoming adventure you plan to take?

Well, I really want to challenge myself creatively. I’m going to launch new projects with this year that I hope will help make a difference in womens' lives. I am excited to travel and meet new people and really put myself out there.  And I hope that inspires other ladies to do the same.

3.) What do you enjoy most about living in your community?

This has been the most interesting part of so far… My community has expanded exponentially according to my outlook, and that has been an amazing thing to experience. I am living proof that when you feel free and in control of your destiny at the same time, incredible things happen. I don't necessarily feel as though I have any limits when it comes to my community in the sense that I feel a global shift in my work. I am coaching people from all over North America and getting incredible feedback from other women just like me, who are working to build something bigger than themselves. When it comes to my community - global or local - I feel united with other women by a shared set of values. The idea that I can relate to my colleagues and my clients on a soulful level has become very important to me. I don’t think I realized this idea of connection previously and how powerful it can be. I really love strong women. But most of all, I love brave women. And I want to know more of them. I want them around me, because I want to be brave, too. 

4.) What did you eat for breakfast?

This morning, I woke up and had two cups of coffee and one of my healthy, gluten-free, low-carb muffins. They are delicious!  I’m on this crazy health kick right now where I am dramatically changing my diet and the way I eat. It’s been nuts to see the side effects and the emotional changes.  Where I excel and where I meet resistance. I have discovered that eating well makes such a different to my concentration levels and my creativity.  My skin has improved. My overall level health is rising. Its scary and wonderful all at the same time.  

5.) What did you care most about when you were 10 years old?

If you can imagine me sitting here, typing this.  I had to look up from my computer and really think about this question… Dreams. That’s what mattered. That’s what still matters to me. I had all of these grandiose visions as a child. You know, if I was going to build a house for my barbies, it wasn’t just going to be any house. It was going to be the biggest, most awe-inspiring house I could possibly muster! I think I valued my imagination and where it could take me. I was always thinking about the next adventure. The next dream. Why do we lose sight of that as we get older? Our goal should be to hang on to it with all of our might.

6.) What’s your spirit animal?

Oh man. This is kind of hilarious, because I actually have one. My friend Alana from used to tell me that my spirit animal was King Julien from Madagascar. I’d never seen the movie and she showed me the part where he is rallying his troops and it felt oddly familiar. Really.  Sometimes I even think I sound like him. I like King Julien. He is ridiculous.  Passionate.  Resilient.  I’ll take it.

7.) _______ (Name of famous person) you would most like to _______

I think I’d love to have brunch with Hilary Clinton. I found myself thinking the other day… You can love her or hate her but holy shit, she is the very definition of a powerful woman shattering glass ceilings. She is actually shattering THE glass ceiling. I don't feel like we’re making a big enough deal about it. Sure… She’s practical, but really think about this. Think about her courage. She’s the perfect example of a BRAVE woman.

8.) What super power would you most like to have?

We already have our superpowers. My slogan for is Superpower Included. I believe we each have a very special superpower and all we have to do is discover it within and then magnify what makes us special. I’ve struggled a lot in my life. I’ve made life harder than it has to be, and I hope to use my experiences to help other women recognize that life doesn’t have to be so complicated. We can give and take without shame. We can try without doubt. We can succeed without guilt. And we can be the best version of ourselves without any ounce of self-sabotage or self-loathing. We just have to get out of our own way.

9.) What was your first pet’s name? (Just in case we have to hack into your email account)

I love this question!  My first pet was a hairless cat named Winsten. I got him when I was seven. He was my side-car, definitely more like a dog, and totally quirky. We used to say he was so ugly, he was cute. His ears would get sunburned in the summer time. I loved him. He was awesome.

10.) What is your favorite activity to get you sweat on?

Running. It changed my life. I’m actually working on a project right now where I’m hoping to encourage more women to run.  I’m training for my first race. It is absolutely the single most important thing I did to start looking at and thinking of myself differently.

11.) What do you do to relax?

Relaxation is a challenge for me. I recently started meditating and the effects so far have been profound. My brother encouraged me to start and I thought it was a terrible idea. I always considered meditation to be ridiculous. But really… It makes all the difference. I’ve really come to enjoy and thrive on slow and quiet.

12.) What is your favorite outdoor activity?

My husband and I like to take our little pup, Finnegan, to the park for a walk. I love his joy when he gets out into the open without a leash. I always try to amplify my joy to be more like Finnegan’s joy. Our dogs teach us so much!  

13.) Guilty pleasure indulgence? 

TV.  I like to watch really bad TV. Like… Chicago PD bad. I’m honestly not sure why. I can’t tell you that I like it. It’s just… So bad, it’s good.

14.) What’s your favorite GLJ juice?

Well, I’m kind of biased here.  But I love Lady Luxe. I’m so honoured that Good Life Juice was inspired by what I did at that they channeled the creation of a juice. It is delicious and I really want to try mixing it with champagne! I also love Crave U and Glo. These two are perfect wake up drinks. Honestly, Good Life Juice doesn’t make a bad juice.

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