Get to Know Our Tribe - Heather Gorman - Lady Boss Edition

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 8.58.40 AMThere are so many inspirational female entrepreneurs kicking-ass at life and business on Vancouver Island! We wanted to take an opportunity to highlight a few of these amazing women in our Lady Boss Edition of our Get to Know our Tribe.

I first met Heather when she came to buy juice and as she quickly became a regular we also became friends.  Speaking from experience, I can also say she is very talented at what she does!  I hope you enjoy getting to know Heather as much as I have! - Andrea, Founder.

1.) Where do you work? Position? How long have you worked there? What do you love about your company?

Owner/operator Departure Bay Aromatherapy Boutique. I opened the massage room in April and the store in May of this year. I love being in an healing environment and offering natural products that help and support others.

2.) Tell us about one of your past adventures.

I took my son to WildPlay this summer to do the Monkido adventure and he was so scared to complete it but he made and was very brave and did the cause again. I am planning on braving though the adult Monkido adventure this summer!

3.) What is something you enjoy about living in your community? 

I love that where I work and live and where my son goes to school is all within 2 minutes. There is a real sense of community and support here. I really appreciate the Mom tribe that

4.) What are you about to eat?

I am about to eat cashews, almonds and banana chips.

5.)___________(name of famous person) you most like to _______?

I would love to meet Louise Hay and thank her for the inspiration and guidance I have received through her books and meditations over the years.

6.) What is your favorite activity to get you sweat on?

Music cranked up really loud jumping on the rebounder.

7.) What do you do to relax?

Aromatherapy, read books.

8.) What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Walking in the forest or near the beach.

9.) Guilty pleasure indulgence? (not food)

Red wine :)

10.) What’s your favorite GLJ juice?

Right now, “All you need”

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