Twas the Night Before a Juice Cleanse . . .

and all through the house, not a dust bunny was stirring . . . Tomorrow I am embarking on a 7 day Juice Cleanse. Yep, 7 days.  Typically I prefer 3-4 days at a time, but this spring my entire being was just craving some really deep nourishment.  As I get into gear, I wanted to share with you how I get my body, home, and spirt ready to go.  XO, founder, Andrea Dershin


Preparing for a juice cleanse

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My Top 5 Rituals to Prepare for a Juice Cleanse

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1. Clean my House

This is KEY. As you cleanse you start to crave that the surrounding around you are clean.  It gives you more time to relax which is very important during juice cleanses.  It also gives me more mental space. The less times I have to look at something and think about how I need to clean or tidy it, the more space there is for peace, pause, and inspiration.

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2. Wash my sheets + do my laundry

You want to feel clean and cozy on the outside while you are doing so much good to clean the insides.

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3. Drink water

I try to do my heavy drinking (of H2O) during the day so I can set myself up for a deep uninterupted night's sleep.

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4. Eat Veggies

Dinner tonight was some left over stir fried veggies on some spinach.  Nothing fancy - just cleaning out the fridge while keeping it clean and plant based. Eating a wholesome plant based is an important part of preparing for a cleanse. You need all that fantastic fibre to help clean you out before you get started on the juice. It's also a good idea to skip processed foods, meat, dairy, alcohol, sugar and refined carbohydrates as well. Coffee is up to you; This round, I am going to play it by ear.

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5. Self Care

I AM ADDICTED TO SELF-CARE! I am a total addict. and when a juice cleanse is under way I kick things into full gear! Tongue scrapping, dry brushing and a salt bath will be happening tonight to prepare and every day during my cleanse.  Aromatherapy, journalling, meditating and reading a little something from an uplifting, self-help or spiritual book will round out the routine.  Tonight it is "A Course in Miracles".  Today is actually day 1 of 365 of the course. Boom. Here, we go Love - let's do this!

If you are thinking of doing a Juice Cleanse with us, you can rest assured we will take good care of you in helping you prepare. Once you sign up we send you a Total Cleansing Guide full of fantastic tips to get you ready, how to go deeper in your experience, and what to eat coming off of it.  To get a feel for how to prepare you can learn more by clicking here.

Never hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have about prepping or cleansing.  We always love to chat!

In Health,