On a Juice Cleanse? Try a Colonic!

On a juice cleanse? do a colonic! Your TOP 5 questions about colon hydrotherapy answered. Plus, why having one on a juice cleanse takes everything to next-level-awesomeness!

With Tamara Jane Harrison:

Our bodies expend so much energy digesting our food every day, so when we consume only fresh juice for a period of time during a juice cleanse, our digestive system is finally able to take a well-deserved rest! All of this energy can now be focused on healing and detoxing from all of the toxins present in our food, air, water and environment. Since our main organ of detoxification is the colon, having a colonic during your juice cleanse is a fantastic way to soften and dislodge all of the debris that has been building up, increasing our body’s ability to eliminate toxins through the colon and giving you the most out of your juice cleanse experience. We asked the lovely Tamara Jane Henderson- our go-to registered colon-hydrotherapist- to enlighten us with the answers to the most commonly asked questions about colon hydrotherapy.

Finding the right therapist is essential to having a positive experience and can really make or break how enjoyable and effective it is. Of the various therapists I've worked with in Beijing, New York and Vancouver Island, Tamara is by far the best! (founder, Andrea Dershin)


1. Why would we want/need to clean our colons?

 Tamara: Over time, small amounts of waste material can become hard, dried on, or impacted in the colon. These hardened materials are not removed though regular bowel movements. This waste, especially that which has remained in our colon for some time can create a number of problems for the body. Undesirable bacteria can ferment old fecal material and produce poisons, which are then absorbed into the body from the intestines. Also, when body wastes and debris carried by the lymph arrive at the outer wall of the colon to be eliminated and find hardened feces preventing their entry, the lymph becomes unable to dump its toxic load. The toxins will then re-circulate through the lymph to every organ and every cell in the body. Achieving a clean and toned elimination system can have beneficial effects throughout the entire body, particularly on the heart and blood vessels, the nervous system, the lymph and blood circulation, the skin, the muscles and joints, and the urinary tract, as well of course, as reduced stress on the liver, kidneys, and gallbladder!


2. What exactly will colonics do to the colon?

Tamara: Colonics cleanse the colon. This means old toxic material is loosened, broken down, and finally removed so that it can no longer harm your body. They will also exercise the colon muscles. Built up debris weakens the colon impairing its ability to function. Removing this waste will help bring back the vigorous peristaltic action we need for proper digestion and elimination. Colonics will also help to reshape the colon. The gentle action of water coupled with massage helps to eliminate bulging pockets of waste and narrowed, spastic constrictions assisting the colon to resume its natural shape.


3. Now that we know what it does, you may be wondering: What does it feel like? Or, Will it hurt?

Tamara: Colon hydrotherapy works by cleansing the colon of waste material by the safe, gentle infusion of warm water into and out of the rectum. It is a restorative, procedure that can actually be quite relaxing and rarely painful. Some may feel a slight discomfort similar cramping or gas, but such episodes are brief and easily tolerated. Most people are delighted with the after sensation of feeling lighter, cleaner, and clearer. '


4. Okay, lets be real – we’re dealing with a place where the sun don’t shine. Naturally, many of you are wondering: Will it be embarrassing?

From my experience, the answer is definitely not - like a check up with your doctor, you just have to relax, let your inhibitions aside, and remember that you are with someone who does this for a living! Being engaged in conversation by your therapist can make the time fly by, and also helps you feel comfortable, another reason why a good therapist is key to a good experience. 

Tamara: Will it be embarrassing? Not at all. Everything happens through a closed system -No mess, no fuss, no odor. After a small lubricated syringe is inserted into the rectum, rubber tubing neatly carries warm filtered water in and the waste out. Most people are actually quite relaxed during the procedure.


5. What about the claims that colonics wash out the good intestinal flora and valuable nutrients?

Tamara: Quite the opposite! Having food residues sitting in your gut for prolonged periods of time can cause bad bacteria (parasites) to build up in the colon and cause some of the healthy flora (bacteria) to become pathogenic. Healthy bacteria can only thrive in an environment free of the decaying waste and large amounts of harmful bacteria that accompany it. It also stands to reason that nutrients can be better absorbed in a clean environment than a putrefied one. Regular colonics can help you develop and maintain a healthy intestinal flora and therefore better digestion, something that many of us are trying so hard to achieve!

colonic on a juice cleanse

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