Spring Juice Cleanse - The Perfect Time to Reboot

Spring Juice Cleanse

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With nature sending out so many re-birth and renewal good vibes, it makes sense your body is picking up what nature is putting down.

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When we tune in to our body's signals at this time of year, we typically pick up a few messages that it's time to shed and let go. You may have noticed an inkling to clean out your closets and de-clutter your home.  Spring cleaning is a legit craving and one that I fully support you taking the time to indulge in. Yesterday the team at Good Life HQ all got their hands dirty helping clean up and clear out the office.  Every single person working since has commented on how it feels much more spacious, clean and free.  Give yourself that gift in your home this spring and free up some space in your physical surroundings and mental closets as well.

The ritual of Spring as a time to clean up and clear out is certainly a concept that can be applied to your physical body.  Your body is incredibly intelligent, hard working and does a fantastic job of eliminating what it doesn't need all on it's own.  But these days, we are flooded with an overload of stressors: environmental toxins, processed foods, unresolved emotions and psychological stressors along side more sugars, alcohol and caffeine than does a body good. Our bodies can't  quite keep up. Doing a Juice Cleanse is liking giving your body a deep-clean and the re-set it needs to feel vibrant, healthy and functioning well.

Detoxing aside, there are many more reasons why doing a juice cleanse this time of year makes good sense so lets dive in!

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What makes Spring the Best Time to Cleanse

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I'll be the first to admit it: Doing a Juice Cleanse in the cold winter months is hard!  Your body temp drops as you cleanse and can make you feel a little achy and tired.  With the sun shining, and the temperature rising, it makes drinking cold juices all day a heck of a lot easier and way more enjoyable!


Whether you are into the hippy dippy woo-woo stuff (like me) or not, you cannot deny that people just get happier when Spring comes to town.  Being happy on a Juice Cleanse can make the difference between an amazing experience or a not-so-amazing one.  Negative emotions, stress and anxiety break down in our bodies as acid.  When you do a juice cleanse, everything gets stirred up.  You may experience detox symptoms, not from what you ingest, but from what you are thinking and feeling. The joy of spring will make a juice cleanse easier and more successful because your are more likely to be grooving on spring's sunny good vibes.


Connecting with nature is highly recommended during a Juice Cleanse. Being in nature connects us to ourselves, our planet and all living beings. Spring naturally pulls you outside after months of being cooped up in the house. Living on Vancouver Isand can make being in nature a pretty powerful experience.  Get outside, look up, breath deep, and take it all in.


The practice of fasting when the seasons change has been in place for thousands of years. A vital part of the ancient Indian tradition of Auyreveda is cleansing: slowing things down so the body can rest, recuperate and repair itself.


There is a reason why most of us crave more hearty, warming and grounding foods in the winter: I's what our bodies need.  Come spring, we start to crave more cooling foods like juice, smoothies, salads and raw veggies.  But sometimes we pick up some bad habits over the winter, and our relationship with comfort foods became more deep rooted than we intended. Doing a Juice Cleanse is a powerful way to shift cravings towards fruits, veggies and wholesome plant foods.


This is where things get a little tricky on my end.  A large majority of people come to me with only one goal - to lose weight.  It is true, that if you have weight to lose, you will most likely lose weight on a juice cleanse. It has been a very useful tool for a many people.  And in Spring, your body naturally wants to lose any extra pounds you may have put on. But I want to take a moment to emphasize one thing: Please don't go into it with that being your only goal.  If you do, then you are more likely to go back to the same unhealthy habits the moment it is over.  I encourage you to look at it as a period of nourishment.  Use it as a concentrated period of time where your goal is to nourish your body, mind and soul.  Listen each day. Ask yourself what activities will nourish you,  what people will nourish you, and what thought patterns will nourish you.  Being on a juice cleanse is an amazing time to go inwards and listen and you will find the messages come through loud and clear.  When you create habits of nourishing your body, mind and soul, you will have more success losing weight than any other diet you could try.


When you do a juice cleanse you might just feel like a new person at the end of it. Gain new energy, look and feel lighter + brighter, tune into YOUR body needs and find a renewed zest for life!

Juice Cleanse in Spring


If you have any questions about which juice cleanse might be best for you, how long to cleanse for, or how to best customize a cleanse to suit your individual needs, please don't hesitate to reach out. Myself or one of our 3 holistic nutritionists on staff are always happy to chat. :)

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Andrea Dershin, Founder