Craving the Kraut? Sauerkraut Health Benefits

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It's ALIVE!!!!!

Yes, Sauerkraut is a live food. Alive with good bacteria and probiotics - a delicious gateway to improved digestion and glorious gut health.

Sauerkraut is super low in calories and super high in health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, packed with probiotics, and high in antioxidants.  Sauerkraut contains high levels of dietary fiber (yay for cabbage!), as well as vitamin A, C, K, and various B vitamins, iron, manganese, copper, sodium, magnesium, and calcium. Whew! That's a healthy mouthful.

Some of you might already know your gut is in need of repair - bloating, gas, cramping and poor digestion have got you stinking and uncomfortable. But some of you may think to just ignore fabulous fermented foods . .


So if you are wondering if you in particular need to be concerned about gut health, the answer is - YES YOU DO!

Even the healthiest mo fo's out there need to guard their gut with fighting flora.


I recently heard an endocrinologist speaking about leaky gut syndrome. He stated something pretty darn mind-blowing. Out of the hundreds of gut linings he has studied under a microscope, he is yet to find one person who does not suffer from leaky gut in some form . .

So what does your gut lining look like exactly? Imagine a fine mesh - like a delicate pair of panty hose lining your gut. These panty hose are all you have to control what passes from your gut into to your small intestine and into your blood stream. Even if what you are eating is kale and quinoa, you don't want it tearing through your panty hose and going to places it is not supposed to be. Healthy or unhealthy, food should not be passing from your gut when it shouldn't be or it will cause a heap load of problems. And in today's day in age, we all don't stand a chance from getting tears in our panty hose.  From environmental pollutants, to food allergies;  from antibiotics to preservatives, additives and chemicals in processed foods; all the way to the pesticides on our fruits and vegetables - they are not only ripping holes in our panty hose faster than a hang nail or a park bench, they are creating an imbalance in the flora of our guts.

Not only do we want to strengthen our panty hose to avoid rips and tares, we want to increase the amount of good bacteria living in our gut to create a healthy environment. Studies show that a healthy gut environment thriving on the probiotic benefits of cultured foods like sauerkraut will lower the risk of pretty much every acute or chronic illness out there. Including:

  • cancer
  • inflammation
  • asthma
  • hormonal imbalances
  • ulcerative colitis
  • IBS
  • mental illness
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • autoimmune diesseases
  • digestive issues
  • bloating, cramps, gas
  • food sensitivities

A happy, healthy gut is directly linked to a healthy brain, balanced hormones and a healthy heart, lungs, liver, and digestive system. The probiotics found in foods like sauerkraut reduce inflammation and balance your hormones by the process of fermentation. This is a process in which the natural bacteria in the food feed on the sugar and starch creating lactic acid. This not only preserves the food but creates all the benefical and various strains of probiotics that are so good for your gut health and digestion. Along with helping you digest food better your gut health will improve and your panty hose will start to strengthen!  Here are some more groovy benefits.

  • boosts immune system
  • aids in digestion
  • increased absorption of nutrients
  • reduce allergies
  • decreases risk of infections
  • improves urinary tract function
  • improves the health of your vagina - reduced yeast infections
  • supports brain function, reduces memory loss and helps treat alzheimers disease
  • helps you handle stress better due to the gut-brain connection

When purchasing sauerkraut it must be found in a refrigerator, and not a shelf! You don't want to purchase it if it has been cooked, pasteurized, or heated in any way.

Shelf stable = dead.

Check out the ingredients - you are looking for, cabbage, veggies, spices and salt.  Put it back if you see vinegar, sugar or sodium benzoate.

I am lucky enough to have the one and only FermentKing on my payroll - Crafting the highest quality, most delicious sauerkraut is his passion and we are proud to start selling it at the juice shop!

Health, Happiness and Fermentation. - Founder, Andrea Dershin :)