Re-Set Your Resolutions for 2015

That time of year has already come and gone.  The month of January is coming to an end and for some of us we can barely remember the resolutions we set only a few short weeks ago.  Here's a few ideas to get you back on track. 1. Don’t set deadlines. When we give ourselves endless time to do something we will indirectly accomplish it faster. Plus, you not are setting yourself up to fail because you didn't give yourself enough time.   Know its not the date that determines our success or improvement, its our daily commitment to change within ourselves

2.Don’t push yourself too hard. Forgive yourself for areas you perceive as imperfect. Be patient and consistent.

3. Daily Reminders and Positive Affirmations.  Write down your goals and come back to them every day. Maybe they are in the front of your journal, or inside of your medicine cabinet, but make them visual and in a place you can see them every day.

4. Incorporate them into your meditation or yoga practice.   Convert your goals into mantras you can repeat as you practice yoga, walk the dog, drive the car or wash the dishes.

5. Highlight the successes. If your goal was to become a Raw Vegan, but you have so far managed to do meatless Mondays, then Hoorah For You!! That is an accomplishment that should be celebrated.  Celebrate the small stuff, the little wins. It’s the baby steps that eventually get us there.

Really look at what’s behind your resolution.  You need to go beyond the superficial level to see what is holding you back from staying on track.  If your goal was to lose 10 lbs but nothing is changing, maybe it’s time for a little more digging. Rather than focusing on working out and eating well, go inwards and see if there is possibly some emotional eating going on, or perhaps you are under a great deal of stress and your body is holding on to that fat to protect you.  Don’t take short cuts when it comes to your over all health and well being and remember it is a mind body connection that will bring you the most success.

Its important to know that anytime during the year 2015 is a great time to start new resolutions; Mondays are great day, the first of any month is a great time. Cut yourself some slack and know that anytime is a great time for self improvement!

Ashley Muirhead – GLC, In-House Nutrtiionists.  Andrea Dershin, GLC Founder.