I Quit Coffee - Here's How to Make it Easy

kick coffee My love affair with coffee runs long and deep (and black). I love the smell, the taste, and the culture that goes with it. But, alas, I found myself more addicted than I would like. I didn't just love it, I NEEDED it.  Worst of all I was exhausted, not sleeping very well and was feeling more anxious than normal. I had been fooling myself to think I was ever going to be able to manage my stress and anxiety while adding jet fuel to my busy mind. I didn't stand a chance.  All signs were leading to me being over-caffeinated and it was time to kick the habit.

Knowing the best way to get off coffee is to slowly taper it off,  my mission was to slowly dial down my caffeine consumption so my body could acclimate over time. I took a really slow approach, and decided to use nourishment as my ammunition. I knew if I upped my self-care routine, time in nature, and consumption of healthy foods (especially green juice and raw plant foods), I could give my body and mind so much love and it wouldn't feel the need for anything else.


Here's How I Kicked the Coffee Habit

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1.) I drastically upped the greens intake in my day.  I included our E3+C shot to my morning rountine - a mix of E3 Live and Chlorella. (You probably have some green powder kicking around you could use up) I made a point to drink 2 green veggie juices each day. I also made my morning smoothie a green one and tried to have a raw green salad with either lunch or dinner.  The goal to all this green goodness? To oxygenate my blood, alkalize my body, and give me energy from live enzymes.

2.) I switched my morning cup to be half decaf, half regular.

3.) I ditched my afternoon Starbucks run in exchange for Earths Herbal - Study Buddy Tea Blend. Organic peppermint, green tea, alfalfa and rosemary.

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I didn't really notice any negative changes or experience any headaches. Maybe a little achey, but overall I was  actually feeling BETTER! This was definitely thanks to all the green juice, healthy foods, and self care I was using to nourish myself.

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1.)  I started my days with a cup of hot water and lemon with a pinch of cayenne.  The best health hack out there. Its a gentle cleanse for your insides each morning and keeps you hydrated.

2.)  I switched my morning cup of joe to be fully decaf.

3.)  I kept up the green routine from week 1.

4.)  I made sure I had either our Mylk Chocolate or a Superfood Hot Chocolate in the afternoon.

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The afternoons were hard. I was totally spacey and found it hard to focus.  I wanted treats, or coffee, or something to help me deal! arggghhh. I found making this Superfood Hot Chocolate helped me a ton.  It is decadent and creamy and amazing. Its a total treat.  Plus the cacao and maca are energizing and it also calls for reishi mushroom - an amazing adaptogen (to help me deal with the steps). After a few days of that I switched to having a Mylk Chocolate in the afternoon.  Why have I not been drinking more of these!?!?! Heaven. This gave me energy and satisfied my craving for something special. Other than a few days of being unfocussed where I was acting liked a whack-a-doodle space cadet at the store, it was fine. By the end of the week, I was good.

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No more coffee!

That was way easier than I thought it would be!  Plus I am back doing some habits I had let slip away, like starting my day with hot water and lemon and drinking 2 green juices per day. And all of a sudden I am a tea drinker! I thought people who only drank herbal tea were weirdos and now I am one of them!

and, wait, there's more!

Here are all the non-food/drink related items that set me up for success.

1.)  I started getting Vitamin B12 injections.

2.)  I upped my self-care routine: more baths, more mediation, more yoga

3.)  I spent more time in nature

4.)  I sent myself lots of love

If you are feeling the need to quit coffee, I highly suggest you go at it from a place of love. Not tough love, but kind love.  Your mindset matters. Think of the many ways you could nourish your body, mind, and spirit as you take on this challenge, and it will feel a lot less challenging.


Andrea Dershin

Co-Founder, Good Life Juice