Tummy Talks – What’s the Deal with Probiotics?


If the thought of bacteria conjures images of germs, something to be avoided, and certainly not to be ingested—think again! Friendly bacteria, called probiotics, are not only beneficial to your health, they’re essential. Probiotics are live organisms mostly known for promoting a healthy immune system, and are most commonly known as friendly “good bacteria.”

Probiotic comes from the Greek word “pro” meaning promoting, and “biotic” meaning life . . . it literally means promoting life!

Our body is full of good and bad bacteria, so what makes probiotics so special? Well, we all have good and bad bacteria in the body, but it's maintaining the correct balance of bacteria that is so important and is essential for optimal health.

Age, genetics, diet and chronic antibiotic use may influence the bodies bacteria balance.
 Anyone who has been on a bout of antibiotics has had both the good and the bad wiped clean from the system and most definitely needs to start taking probiotics to replenish.  An over-growth of yeast in the gut (known as candida), or even just a diet high in sugar and processed foods can wipe them out as well.  It can also go as for as cause an imbalance called dysbiosis, which has possible links to disease of the intestinal tract.

Probiotics are the good cops of the digestive system an increased amount in your digestive tract help to “crowd out” the bad bacteria the evil “villi”. Our intestine is lined with adherence sits where bacteria latches onto it.  If the sites are populated with good microbes there is no room for bad bacteria.

probiotic smoothies

Adding an extra kick of good bacteria from a probiotic supplement helps bring harmony back into the belly. 
Fermented foods such as plain organic yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, fermented vegetables, miso and kefir all contain probiotics.  It is best not to rely on only one source as they all have different strains. So just because you love a cold kambucha on a hot day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also try to eat fermented foods and take a probiotic daily.

When our digestive tract is happy and balanced we may begin to notice our energy levels increase, our moods lift and an overall greater feeling of wellbeing!

It has been proven that there are the same neurons found in our stomach as there are in our brain!  Feed your Flora!

Now that your going to be supplementing with probiotics and adding fermented foods into your diet, its important to keep your flora strong just as they'll make you! 
The bacteria in the colon thrives off of nondigestable fiber, also known as prebiotics. Feed your belly with fiber filled foods like fruits, vegetables , whole grains and honey so they will be happy campers!

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Elyse CorderyElyse Cordery is a yoga teacher & holistic nutritionist. She has been teaching yoga since 2014 and obtained her 200 hr RYT certificate from the Himalayan Valley YTC in Goa India and in 2015 Aerial Yoga certification in Oahu Hawaii.

Elyse’s holistic journey started 7 years ago while making the decision to ditch western medicine and embrace holistic medicine to heal her crohns disease. She began practicing yoga & changing her diet, in 6 short months was able to stay in remission without relying on prescription medication.

She became so passionate about holistic living she enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2011 where she met many holistic practitioners. While working with them she was able to totally heal & detach from any imbalances in her body. She was deep into her practice of yoga and started self studying the power or spirituality.  During her travels to Bali she discovered the power of giving massage and now enjoys practicing the healing powers of massage to help balance the body.

She spreads her good vibes at Good Life Juice, teaches yoga at various locations in Nanaimo and massages bodies in knead at the peace pad.

Elyse is the owner of Peace Warrior Yoga + Massage

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