Practicing Shi**y & the Friend who Calls you on it.

Chasing the sun. Practicing Shi**y: Being trapped by your limiting beliefs and continuously repeating thoughts and actions that are no longer serving you.

Do I practice shitty sometimes? Of course I do.

Just like you, I have things I am working on . . . ways I am trying to improve myself.  I am an incredibly self-aware person & am also a very ambitious person. Put those 2 things together and you get a person who is very aware of the areas in life where I am kicking ass, and the areas in life that need improvement. This is a blessing but sometimes feels like a curse.

Regardless, the reality is, there are also areas where I am aware I am practicing shitty but don't know how to make a change, and areas where I am practicing shitty and don't even realize I am doing it! When someone is not even aware of a limiting belief there is no chance a daily ritual could be created to make the change needed.

And that's where friends and life coaches come into play.

I love to say that spending time with my best friends is like superfood for my soul.

I am also a huge proponent of hiring a life coach. I have one I work with on a fairly regular basis and I can't recommend it enough!  I also have the incredible fortune of having having a good friend who works as a life coach.  My friend Cathy Skelcher has been a source of wisdom, support and laughter since I met her, but since she became a life coach I feel like I won the friend/coach lottery.

Cathy and I spent last weekend at a women's retreat at Camp Educo. It was epic: physical challenges, embracing nature, group work & time for reflection (and of course lots of laughter). It also meant 8 hours in the car together each way.  I don't think there was more than a few moments of silence. We gabbed the entire time.  But when the two of us gab, we really get into it. Cathy knows the really deep stuff about me. She knows my greatest fears and biggest struggles. She knows what areas I am working hardest on in my life.  But there is a significant skill that Cathy has: When she listens to me, she really listens.

Cathy is a radiant listener. And in that listening she can uncover limiting beliefs I didn't even realize I had about myself and unravel them and present them to me in a way that makes me feel like I figured it all out on my own. :)

I came back from this weekend feeling like I have a renewed sense to "do the work." That I have even more self-awareness. That I am now aware of some limiting beliefs that I wasn't aware of before AND have been given some daily rituals to help me remove them. I feel lighter , more joyful and more at peace. I came back a better mother, a kinder wife and fell a little more deeply in love with my authentic self. Thanks Cathy :)

If your digging these vibes then I highly encourage you to join me for a weekend event led by Cathy herself!

The Grass Can be Greener on Your Side 

Saturday, October 1st 9am-3pm and Sunday, October 2nd 9am-12pm. Nanaimo.

Group Coaching, Yoga and Meditation Workshop. Come explore limiting beliefs keeping you stuck, define daily ritual to create joy and peace in your life, and start connecting with this community of like minded people!

For more info, and to register: Email Cathy  (

Article by Andrea Dershin

Andrea is the founder and CEO of Good Life Juice – Vancouver Island’s premier cold pressed juice company. In 2009 Andrea received her 200hr Yoga RYT in Brooklyn NY and offers her students affirmations and intentions along with a Vinyasa flow to help her students find a little extra peace each week. In 2012, Andrea received her certificate in plant-based nutrition through Cornell University and the T.Colin Campbell Foundation and began working as a wellness coach. She is an avid yogi, devoted mama, spirit junkie and loves blasting good tunes and dancing with whoever is the mood to join her. J