The Only New Year's Resolution You Need

2017 Halle-friggin-lujah,  2017 is here!

2017 is going to be a year of new beginnings, fresh starts, and a whole 'lotta fun.  You can feel it right?!?  For reals my friends, numerology is even backing me up on this one. According to numerology, 2017 is considered a year 1 in a continuous 9 year loop.  With 2016 being a year 9, the last in the cycle, it also makes sense why it was such a challenging year. As the 9th year in a 9 year cycle, it was a year of endings - a year of job losses, family deaths, relationships ending, big changes and numerous challenges.

After learning about this 9 year cycle, my husband and I started reflecting. What was going on the last time we were in a year 1? It was 2008 and probably the most joyous year of my life! Gabe and I eloped to city hall in NYC on Jan. 15th only 3 months after I moved from Beijing to be with him. It was our fun little secret as we told family and friends we were engaged and planned our big wedding. While waiting for my green card, I worked as a Nanny for 2 kids (fun), spending the rest of my time exploring New York and being a loved-up newly wed (fun, fun, fun).  I eventually got my green card, landed an amazing new job, and fulfilled my Sex and the City, high-powered fantasies. We got pregnant (surprise!), and all the while we were having So. Much. Fun!

Reflecting on 2008 also made me realize how drastically different 2016 was.  Fun, is not the first word that comes to mind. But it doesn't matter, because I can feel the weight lifting and the year ahead is looking bright. So I got out my journal and started writing my intentions for the New Year. One word kept coming up again and again. JOY.  At the root of each intention I wrote, behind it was the feeling of joy. I know that leaning toward joy is incredibly powerful and I started to tap into that force.

I wrote out my intentions for work, health, spirituality and family all the while keeping joy at the centre. Feeling joyous at work means being productive - trying to work smart, not trying to work hard. It means being generous and fair to my staff and customers, and helping others however I can. (Talking about health and helping someone else along their journey fills my happiness bucket to the top). Being joyous in my body means carving out time for self care and sending myself body-positive messages (not setting ridiculous goals for my weight or intense exercise plans). To be joyous about my health means eating clean and plant based, exercising each day, and meditating often. I feeling most joyous when I connect to my faith by meditating and readying spiritual or self-help books. A joyous family and household is found when I spend quality time with my children and husband. If I am happy, grounded and healthy, then my husband and children tend to be as well.

Joy. What a great intention to set! It is a spark that creates all that is good in this world. Rather than make intentions that you may or may not meet, or that muster up a feeling of angst or doubt, consider making your New Year's resolution to operate in a state of joy.  Consider taking a moment and and writing down a few things that bring you joy. Then, consider how you can create more of it. What are areas that you are feeling stuck, and how could you infuse them with joy? And finally, write down what your life would look like, and how you would feel, if joy was your daily intention.

For all of us, to be successful means very different things. But perhaps, this year we can agree that what we could all benefit from, more than anything else is to be more joyful.  I hope you can lean towards joy in 2017. I hope you can plan to have more fun. And then I hope you can watch out! The universe is going to pick up on your intentions and life is gonna get really really good!

Happy New Year!

Love Andrea.