Never Tried Yoga? Ready to Give it a Whirl?

by Elyse Cordery

Have you been curious about taking a yoga class, but haven't quite mustard up the courage/motivation to make it happen?

Yoga is all the rage these days, but you might be left a little dazed and confused by all the lingo, and curious of what to expect. What the heck are chakras? Namawhaaaat? Bend my body like what?   Even though it may seem that living a yogic lifestyle is just the latest trend, and the goal is to look hot in a pair of Lulu Lemons, it actually dates back to 5000 years ago.  In ancient times, the desire for greater personal freedom, health and long life as well as a heightened self understanding gave birth to this system of physical and mental exercise.  The word yoga means "to join, yoke together." It brings your body and mind together in one harmonious experience . . . sounds pretty cool right?

 Here are my top 5 things to know before you take your first class.

1. Congratulate yourself! It takes courage to try something new

2. Release any expectations of yourself and the class. Your first class may not transform you into Ghandi, and you might not levitate off your mat, but the cool thing about yoga is over time it just gets better and better.  . . and then it gets even better :)

3. No one is watching or judging you - yoga is not a competitive sport.  As the class flows, so do the students. Most yogis are so in tune with their own practice they forget anyone else is in the room.

4. It's ok to fart. Yep, I said it, so don't sweat it. A wise ogre named Shrek once said "better out than in as I always say"

5.Allow yourself to experience a full Savasana.  I see a lot of students struggle in this pose (final resting at the end of class). In Savasana, "corpse" pose you may find yourself restless, or eager to get on with your day, but in not taking that brief period of rest, you will be doing yourself a great disservice. Take those moments to let go and lie in.  It is an incredibly effective way to de-stress, allow your breath and heart rate to return back to normal and your muscles will relax. You will leave feel refreshed, calm and at peace.

So fellow yogi-to-be I hope you take these tips and allow your yoga journey to take off!


Elyse Cordery,  200 hr RYT

Elyse teaches Vinyasa Yoga with an Ashtanga flair at Solace and Woodgrove Pines in Nanaimo, B.C.  You can finder her on Instagram @elysecorderyiStock_000027033941Small