Mala on my Mat, Mala on my Mind

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I recently had the absolute pleasure of visiting Rachel Hurst of the Shanti Collective and was able to hand pick my stunning mala necklace – full of intention and purpose.  Here’s why you might just want to do the same.


Rachel's Studio

MALA ON MY MIND - Mala is spiritual jewelry that, according to Rachel “can act as a vessel to lead you to peace, calm and harmony.” More than ever in my life, my meditation practice has become a non-negotiable. When I meditate everything in life is better and brighter. I am more focused. I am more grounded. I am more inspired.  BUT! I also have 2 kids, a hubby, a messy house, a business to run, and a zillion things to do. Finding a quiet focus while I meditate can be challenging. My new mala is helping J

Every few days I have a new mantra I am working with. I use it in my meditation practice, I use it as my intention when I practice yoga, when I am feeling spacey and unfocussed, when I am making juice and washing the dishes. When my kid asks for treats and television for the 12th time that hour after being told NO and my patience is weaning.  I silently repeat my mantra.

Mala beads are a strand of 108 beads used for keeping count during mantra meditations. As I touch each bead, I take a deep breath in & out, and repeat my mantra. My first morning with my new mala helped me reach one of the deepest meditation sessions I have had in a very long time.

Each mala has a unique purpose.  When I went to choose mine, Rachel instructed me to first use my intuition. If it appealed to me, I would pick it up. Next, she shared the meaning behind the beads, the stones, the intention behind it’s creation.

The Spearhead Mala that I chose is used for grounding protection and making a connection to the earth.  “It allows us to root our sometimes scattered energy, finding focus.” My brain seems to operate on overdrive most of the time, racing around and out of control. This was the mala for me.

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MALA ON MY MAT – Next I took my mala with me to my yoga class.  I sat for a moment and meditated with my intention before the instructor began. Then I lay it at the top of my mat.  It acted as a constant reminder of my intention. Whenever I looked at it, my mind came back to where it should be. Breath & intention. Mantra & breath.  Of course my thoughts drifted . . .my path to enlightenment is a long and winding path and my spiritual journey has only just begun.  ‘What should I eat for lunch? Are my undies were sticking out the top of my pants? My hips are so tight on this side.” But as soon as my gaze moved to my mala, I was back – back in the delicious zone of intention and breath.  That magical place. The place that, the more time I spend in it, the more peace and joy are apart of every breath I take. On and off the mat.