Juice Cleanse Day 4


Why this Juice Cleanse has been so Easy, Breezy and full of Joy

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It is the morning of day 4 of my 7 day Spring Juice Cleanse and I feel like I am feasting rather than fasting!

I haven't been hungry once, I'm not cranky, achey or tired like I often can be on a juice cleanse.  I had recently been craving some deep-down-delightful nourishment and knew a longer juice cleanse was in order.  My number one goal and focus was to deeply nourish every cell in my being with absolutely no other hidden agendas.  For the first time in my life, the thought of a longer juice cleanse did not cause me anxiety, but rather a sense of just knowing it was exactly what I needed . . and I can honestly say I am a little surprised just how easy and enjoyable it has been so far.


The Top 6 Reasons this Juice Cleanse is so Easy

  1. Amount of Juice. I am drinking more juice/day than I ever have before. (see below for details) I wanted to feel full and satiated.  Plus, I am still really busy with work and family while keeping active physically.
  2. My Reason for Doing It.  I came into this cleanse with one main goal: to nourish my body.  Not loose weight or even to shift cravings. Feeling like I am achieving my goal with each sip boosts my mood and makes me feel like I am being successful in my cleanse.
  3. The Sunshine.  This makes a HUGE difference. Cleansing in the spring when the sun is shinning is da bomb! Taking breaks to sit outside with the sun of my face feels like paradise.
  4. Meditation/Spirituality practice. I recently turned a huge corner in this department.  My daily practice of turning inwards for love rather than seeking it outwardly has drastically improved the quality of my life. My negative thought patterns, self-doubt, body shaming, and controlling tendencies have improved dramatically.  Negative emotions, stress and anxiety break down as toxins and make your body acidic.  There were times I did juice cleanses while in a bad place emotionally and the cleanse pretty much sucked! It was hard, and I felt like crap. Tired, cranky, achey . . . you name it.  It wasn't an acidic diet that made previous cleanses give me detox symptoms, it was emotions. If you are going through a really stressful time I strong urge you not to do a juice cleanse.  Instead do a mental cleanse.  Meditation, journal, use positive affirmations, walk in nature and be with friends . . . the juice can wait :) If you want to learn more about Meditation I would love for you to join me in a workshop I am hosting Saturday April 2. Click Here to learn more.
  5. Self-Care: I really went for it this time and upped all of my self-care routines.  Dry brushing, tongue-scraping, salt baths, a colonic, a massage, yoga, nature walks they all add up.  I try to do these on the regular, but life happens, budgets are a thing and I strive for balance not perfection. But a juice cleanse is an opportunity to really dial in and go deep with taking care of yourself. #radicalselflove
  6. I'm still drinking coffee.   Yep. And I am loving it. My goal on this juice cleanse was not 7 days with absolutely nothing acidic.  I am enjoying a cup of black coffee, guilt-free each morning and practically orgasming from the delicious joy I get from my Ooh La Latte in the afternoon.  It all comes back to my goal for this cleanse and keeping me happy. :)


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Custom Juice Cleanse

  1. Classic Greens:  (tart, lightly sweet, green)
  2. Lady Luxe:  (refreshing, citrus, sophisticated flavor)
  3. All U Need: (thicker, more filling and incredibly satisfying . . . veggie lovers LOVE it. . .  others . . . not so much)
  4. Supa Greens or Detox Greens (I like to mix it up a little since going for 7 days.  Some days, a little more sweet is nice)
  5. Ooh La Latte (This. Is. Heaven. It is in my top juices I am most proud of)
  6. Roots Remedy (Earthy, robust and veggie heavy . . . yet lightly sweet. People love it, or they don't)
  7. Mylk Chocolate ( Sweet, creamy, decadent)


When a juice cleanse goes well, you get this super-charged energy and zest for life that is almost indescribable.

If you have questions or just want to chat about juice, cleansing, nutrition, meditation, spirituality, finding balance, being an entrepreneur, or any way you feel I might be able to be of service to you, then reach out to me.  Call me, email me . . . don't hesitate. If your inner guide is telling you it might be just the thing you need to day then listen.


Peace + Love - Andrea Dershin.

Founder, Good Life Juice