Drinking Coffee on a Juice Cleanse - Yay or Nay?

coffee and juice cleanse  

"I would love to do a juice cleanse . . .but I can’t give up coffee!"


So don’t. It’s that simple!


Let’s pull back the lens a little to get some perspective. I love coffee. I love the smell, I love the taste, and I love a little buzz in the morning. I used to be a cream and sugar kinda gal but over the years slowly weaned myself off and now like it black with just a drop of maple syrup. When I gave up dairy, cream in my sugar was the last thing to go . . .


In terms of juice cleansing, I typically do 3-4 juices cleanses per year, plus 1 day juice fasts semi-regularly. This is very individual and what I have found works best for my body, keeping my cravings in check and nourishing my body. Typically 3 of the 4 juices cleanses are for 3-4 days each and then once a year I go longer. I love cleansing with the change of seasons and at Spring time by body craves deep-deep-nourishment where I feel every cell in my body is totally flooded with nutrients and I get an extended break from certain foods. Spring is where I love going for a longer juice cleanse.


So how does coffee play into this? Well, I only give up coffee once per year – typically on my longer spring cleanse. And here’s why: The biggest, most tremendous benefit I perceive from doing juice cleanses is the nourishment it gives my body and the reboot of energy and reset of taste buds and cravings. This is also why I think almost everyone can benefit from doing a juice cleanse. If your focus is to flood your body with nutrients and help shift your diet to be balanced, wholesome and plant based, then a juice cleanse can be incredibly effective.


You are still giving your body a break from the big offenders: processed foods, sugar, refined carbohydrates, dairy and hopefully less stress and anxiety as you focus on self care while on a juice cleanse. Having a little black coffee in the morning is not going to de-rail any of that. Substituting a green tea or a ginger juice (like Fight Club) for an afternoon boost can do just the thing to at least reduce your caffeine intake to 1-2 cups per day.  That being said, for everyone who wants to use this as an opportunity to give up coffee for a few days, or quit the habit for good, then I am all for that as well!  Don't forget, what is best for you is different than what is best for me.  Listening to your internal dialogue and becoming an intuitive eater/drinker is the best thing you can do for your long term health and happiness. 


So if giving up coffee is holding you back from kick-ass nourishment, remove that mental block and hop on the juice train. It’s a great ride!

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Founder, Andrea Dershin




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