Health Junkies Guide to a Holiday Hangover

cold pressed juice It's that time of year again. The time of good food, delicious treats, holiday parties and of course, cocktails! We love to live a healthy lifestyle, but let's be real - health is about balance and having fun! If you had a little too much fun at your holiday party and are feeling not so hot the morning after - we've got you covered! We're giving you the low-down on what to eat & drink to cure your hangover and get you back on track by the end of the day.

First Thing:

Charcoal lemonade to the rescue. Charcoal is not only amazing at relieving digestive upsets and removing heavy metals, it also makes a fantastic hangover cure. Charcoal has the ability to reduce blood alcohol concentrations, and to remove toxins that go along with it - allowing you to feel better, sooner. Charcoal lemonade also doubles as a healthy lemonade, helping to re-hydrate and balance much-needed electrolytes.

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charcoal lemonade

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If you don't have a Charcoal Lemonade on hand, you can drink a mug of hot lemon water with a small pinch of sea salt (for electrolytes).

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Green Juice and Avocado Toast.

AKA Breakfast of Champions. This is an incredibly nutritious and satisfying start to the day.  Toast Ezekiel bread (or your favourite whole-grain bread), top with greens (such as baby spinach and sprouts), some avocado, and a poached egg (how to poach the perfect egg), and Boom! The queazies go bye-bye.

If you want to keep it vegan and skip the egg, we love Tempeh Bacon! You can find it in the frozen section at Country Grocer, or most local health food stores. (Really you could put it all on there and really go for it!)


We all have different cravings for the day after a night of fun. For lunch, go with what you feel. If you feel like having a salad, great! But we all know that may not be the case.  If your body is craving something hearty, or you are going out for lunch with friends, don't fret - it's all about balance. If you follow the rest of the suggestions in this post, you will feel like a million bucks by the end of the day and your hangover will be long gone. 


Juice or Smoothie. Making it easy on your digestive system, while flooding your body with nutrients is going to help you feel better, sooner. 


Veggie Soup or Stew! Nothing is more healing, nourishing and comforting than soup. Plus it makes it easy on your digestive system - giving you body more energy to work on getting better.  We love this creamy, golden lentil soup. It's filling, luxurious, decadent and really hits the spot. 

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Lentil soup with bread in a ceramic white bowl on a wooden background Top view

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Be sure and drink lots of water throughout the day and try to get some fresh air and walk in for good measure.

Happy Holidays! - Founder, Andrea Dershin