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Meet The Edgy Veg - A Cold Pressed Green Juice with a Twist! Cold Pressed Juice Edgy Veg

Meet our newest cold pressed juice, The Edgy Veg! A new cold pressed juice flavour for all of our hardcore veggie loving friends. This one is heavy on the green stuff but don't be afraid - it tastes amazing too! Just the right amount of pineapple and pear make this one go down nice and easy.  If you are a fan of Classic Greens, All U Need, Detox Greens, or Roots Remedy and are looking for another low-fruit option, you will love The Edgy Veg!

Flavour Profile: 

Upon first sip you will be delighted with a burst of fresh veggie flavours. A touch of spice from Arugula, the unique flavour of cilantro, and the light and refreshing taste of cucumber and romaine. Then comes the slight tang of fresh lime before ending with a touch of sweetness from pineapple and pear.

Featured Ingredients

leaf4Arugula - This leafy green has a flavour similar to radish with a spicy and peppery taste. Arugula is a cruciferous vegetable (like broccoli and kale) and thus is rich in sulphur and beta carotene - two key beautifying nutrients.  Beta-Carotine helps to reduce sun damage in the skin and sulphur content allows Arugula to be an excellent internal skin cleanser and liver purifier - keeping you glowing from the inside out!

leaf4Kale - Everyone's favourite leafy green - kale is a powerhouse of nutrients packed with vitamins A, C, K, and E as well as calcium and iron.


Cilantro - Cilantro is a powerful natural detoxifier, with the ability to assist the body in flushing toxins from the liver and getting rid of heavy metals that have accumulated in the tissue.


Pineapple - This anti-inflammatory, and immune boosting sweet fruit has the ability to transform any green smoothie or cold pressed veggie juice into something delicious and refreshing.  

leaf4Cucumber - Light and refreshing, cucumber adds a delightful flavour and freshness to any cold pressed juice. Cucumber is a great anti-inflammatory food with  both a high water content and high vitamin content


Where to find our Cold Pressed Juice

You can find The Edgy Veg and all of our juicy cold pressed flavours at our Juice Kitchen - 3341 Fairway Crescent in Nanaimo! We always have fresh juice on hand -  come on by!

OR  have it delivered right to your door!

You can also get Good Life Juice at select retailers across Vancouver Island:








Want to create a personal, customized cleanse that includes The Edgy Veg? Order your custom juice cleanse online or give us a call at 250 585 1151 to get juicy!