Break the rules!

Break the rules
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Go ahead....I dare you.

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Now I’m not encouraging you to steal from the grocery store or tell lies (definitely not). I am daring you to break rules and ideas about yourself that you follow that don’t serve you and don’t allow you to be the best you that you can be. I have noticed that I constantly reinforce patterns of behaviour and thinking that, if I dissect, a) I don’t agree with and b) are restricting. Take thoughts that come into my head during a yoga practice for example, things like “I’ll never be able to do that arm balancing pose” or “I’d be better at this if I weighed less”  Not only are these things false these rules that I make up about who I am and what I am capable of diminish my chances of reaching my full potential.

Breaking the rules doesn’t come easily to this self confessed rule follower. If I am told the party starts at 7pm I will be there at 6.59pm even though I would be in a way better mood if I could have napped and shown up at 7.30pm. I am a strong advocate for being on time but a nap before a social event would serve everybody!

It takes time to not only see the rules that I create but to start to saw away at them and it’s not like if I “break a rule” once then I am changed forever. I am constantly staging anarchistic revolutions in my mind and often involving the same issue(s).

Slowing down and taking a few breaths helps me to see a bit clearer and challenge my initial reaction to ideas/people/things. It is in these moments that a choice can be made: follow the old path or break out a forge a new one. Both options have their benefits and a well worn path is a great one to travel if it continues to go in the right direction. It’s like my friend Tracy says “every moment is a chance to make a change.” These encouraging words fill me with a sense of freedom and inspire me to explore ways that life could be different and more joyful.

There is a famous quote that says “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot” I feel like the greatest pleasure in life is doing what I say I cannot!

So go ahead ..... break the rules!


Sarah-Jane is a yoga teacher, singer and experimental rule breaker living on Salt Spring Island, B.C. She can be found leading yoga classes in her home based studio the Nest hot yoga and in Nanaimo at Moksha Yoga. Every second Friday of the month join her in song at Omtown Yoga in Nanaimo for Kirtan