Body Love

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For this week's wellness tip I'm sharing a message that you have heard before, but I'm guessing you need to hear again.


Love your body.


Love your body. Love your body. Love your body. Love your body. Love your body. Love your body.  Love your body.           For f*@! sake, CHOOSE TO LOVE YOUR BODY!!

And don't for one second fall into the trap of saying "easy for you to say."  'Cause guess what?  Those who know my deepest darkest thoughts know that, for me, not being good enough, thin enough, beautiful enough or strong enough was an inner dialogue I have had to fight hard and long to overcome (for the most part).  And I am finally embracing that it is not my unique struggle, but one that so many of us share. But I for one, am sick and tired of hating parts of my body, and sick and tired of caring if others are judging my body.  I finally found the answer to achieving the body I want, the confidence I deserve, and the don't-give-a-rat's ass attitude I have always tried to cultivate regarding how others view me.

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The secret to getting the body of your dreams and the confidence that goes with it?           

You have to cultivate it in your mind and believe it in your heart. You already have a physically gorgeous body deserving of your unwavering love and show-stopping confidence.  You already have every reason you need to love your body. You don't need to change a single thing, but your mind.

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Life is too short, too precious, and too amazing to be wasted hating parts of our body. It's just too exhausting - striving for this pre-conceived idea of perfection, when in fact, you are already perfect. Exactly as you are. By all means be healthy, eat well, move your body and have goals when it comes to your health, but stop waiting to reach them to give yourself permission to love it and be happy.

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"Love your body the way your mother loved your baby feet." - Mary Lambert

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My perfection includes my dimply ass, my post-breastfeeding, deflated breasts, and my upper body that may never be strong enough to do a handstand.  It's all a part of what makes me, me. I am trying not to let those things distract me from all the reasons I have to love my body, to cherish my body, to be gentle and kind and embrace my body. And today, I simply wanted to remind you, to love yours as well.

Since I came to the conclusion to love my body once and for all, the Universe started sending me sign after sign to stick with it.  And then last night the signs got their icing on the cake. I watched a powerful performance by Wendy Goudie.  It was originally presented at the Belly Fit Summit last summer, and I was lucky enough to attend a viewing as part of Carolyne Taylor's birthday party last night.  Set to the inspiring poem/song 'Body Love' by Mary Lambert, this powerful and moving piece about body image and self love felt like it was playing just for me. It was the final piece of my self-love puzzle.

Just like I will need reminding ever single day, I wanted to remind you.  To love your body.  Right now, exactly as it is.

Thank you Cathy Skelcher, for reminding me to view myself as those who love me, view me. And to Carolyn, for stopping me from leaving too soon last night. You were right. I needed to watch that.

I hope you can take a minute and 'love your body the way your mother loved your feet'. . . and then go remind a friend they should love theirs too!

Much Love, founder, Andrea Dershin.