Introducing - Beauty Tonic!

There's a New Gal on the Block . . .

And she's a Real Beauty!

A beauty water like no other. Delight your taste buds with this sophisticated combination of flavours, and enjoy the benefits of skin-nourishing ingredients.

Schisandra Berry

Schisandra is a renowned Chinese tonic herb known for its ability to promote beauty and vitality. It is one of the highest anti-oxidant berries and is also anti-inflammatory, giving it fantastic free-radical fighting and anti-aging properties.

Schisandra is also a great liver tonic, allowing the body to gently and effectively move toxins out of the liver and out of the body. A happy healthy liver leads to healthy, glowing skin.

Marine Collagen 

The most abundant protein in the body, collagen is essential for building and maintaining strong hair, skin, nails and bones. The body's natural collagen production declines with age and many other lifestyle factors such as stress, impaired gut health, and an unbalanced diet. The good news is that supplemental collagen has been shown to increase the elasticity and moisture of the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Our beauty tonic features Canadian marine collagen sourced from the waters off of Nova Scotia.


Rich in Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce free-radical damage, reduce skin damage, and boost immunity.

Rose Water

Associated with beauty and love, rose petals are rich in antioxidants that protect and nourish the skin. Rose water adds a delicate and sophisticated floral flavour.

Flavour Profile: Floral essence of rose water and the natural sweetness of coconut water and refreshing citrus notes from grapefruit. Then there is the amazing Schisandra berry (Wu Wei Ze or 5 Flavor Fruit)  which adds a subtle touch of all 5 flavours (sweet, sour, salty, pungent and bitter) to delight the senses.

Available in Store or by phone order.