How to be a Healthy Carnivore

We asked one of our in-house nutritionists, Elyse Cordery, to give our meat-eating followers some tips on how to make smart, healthy, sustainable decisions.

My name is Elyse and I am a plant-based yoga teacher/juicer/holistic nutritionist. So, to my carnivore friends, I understand you may be wondering what the heck this granola girl knows about meat. Well, first off, Im not here to tell you to stop eating meat as I feel it is beneficial for some people. I'm writting this because I feel empathetic towards the die hard meat eaters!

Back in 2008 I made the switch to change my diet to eating ONLY glutenfree, sugarfree, vegan and it was tough!  Plant based eating wasnt a trend or as mainstream as it is today, meat was the way to go! Atkins diet, Zone diet, and South beach diet were in full swings and eating out was nearly impossible for me!

Now here in 2016 the tables are turning. I've never been happier about eating out and people are hoping on the plant based craze feeling great and positively impacting the environment.

But what about the carnovoires? How can can you eat meat, feel great, support your local economy and help our planet? Let me fill you.

Top 5 Tips on Being a Healthy Smart Carnivore

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1. Avoid Supermarket Meat

Jumbo packs of chicken breasts, hamburger meat, steaks from costco, walmart, and other big chain supermarkets may have an appealing price tag, but there's a reason, and it's not a good one. The quality of the meat is terrible as well as the quality of life of the animals. In these stores, most meat has been injected with synthetic hormones, antibiotics, nitrogens and preservatives that effect our body and have an insane impact on our health.

2. Meet your Meat

Find a local butcher, store that sells local products, or farmers market to buy your meat from. Its waaay tastier cuts of meat, way healthier animals, and less crap to add to your body. Plus, and you're supporting your local economy!

3. Quality Counts

Look for grass fed or pasture raised meet, certified organic, unprocessed, nitrite free and low sodium.

4. Avoid Airfreighted Fish and most Farmed Salmon.

 Unfortunately, not all fish are created equal. The production of farmed salmon has increased dramatically in the past two decades and they have different diets and environments then wild salmon. The quality of nutrients are completely different between the two, with farmed salmon containing much higher amounts of contaminants like PCBs, plus more fat, calories, and sodium than wild salmon.

As a rule. any food that travels by airplane is going to be a high-carbon choice. Something that is air freighted emits greenhouse gases up to 30 times more than that of food shipped by boat from the same point on the globe.

5. Skip Processed Meat.

Most lunch meat, hot dogs, cured meat, pre packaged, smoked meats are highly processed and made from nasty bits over the long term eliminating these foods can improve digestive health and may prevent cancer!


Elyse Cordery

Elyse Cordery is a yoga teacher & holistic nutritionist. She has been teaching yoga since 2014 and obtained her 200 hr RYT certificate from the Himalayan Valley YTC in Goa India and in 2015 Aerial Yoga certification in Oahu Hawaii.

Elyse’s holistic journey started 7 years ago while making the decision to ditch western medicine and embrace holistic medicine to heal her crohns disease. She began practicing yoga & changing her diet, in 6 short months was able to stay in remission without relying on prescription medication.

She became so passionate about holistic living she enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2011 where she met many holistic practitioners. While working with them she was able to totally heal & detach from any imbalances in her body. She was deep into her practice of yoga and started self studying the power or spirituality.  During her travels to Bali she discovered the power of giving massage and now enjoys practicing the healing powers of massage to help balance the body.

She spreads her good vibes at Good Life Juice, teaches yoga at various locations in Nanaimo and massages bodies in knead at the peace pad.

Elyse is the owner of Peace Warrior Yoga + Massage

Find her her on Facebook Find her on Instagram