The Fermentation Station - Kombucha Making Workshop

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Sunday June 11th from 10:00-11:00AM

Hosted at Good Life Juice

EARLY BIRD $45 by June 4th

Regular $50

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 Kombucha Creation & Connection Workshop

with Master Kombucha Maker - Eamon Stinson!!

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Join Eamon Stinson for a meeting of minds, and learn all about Kombucha! You will receive a written description of how to brew Kombucha along with a demonstration of a typical set up “brew”, guidance on how to care for the delicate microbial balance of the SCOBY, tips on how to bring all the flavour notes of Kombucha into line with your unique flavour preference, and a tasting of various strengths of Kombucha to explore your preference for tastes. Includes a starter kit, with a SCOBY to take home!

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kombucha workshop

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When we decided to do a Kombucha workshop, we instantly knew who had to teach it.  Eamon makes the most incredible Kombucha - his flavour profiles are unlike anything we have ever tasted, and he is so knowledge about how to get kombucha to the desired level of sweetness and strength.  You will leave with the tools and knowledge to be a kombucha master as well!


To register call 250-585-3303 or email

Spaces limited so that Eamon can ensure you leave a master! Be sure and pre-register.